New Poll On Voter Enthusiasm Is God Awful For Joe Biden

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has pretty much wrapped up the nomination and will take on President Donald Trump in November.

While Democrats feel confident that Biden can defeat Trump, a new poll reveals that support for the former vice president may be much softer than the media is letting on.

According to a new poll from ABC News/Washington Post, Biden holds a 10-point national lead over Trump. 

The media has only been pushing this part of the poll — and we all know how accurate these polls were back in 2016.

But buried deep in the polling shows that voters are far more energized to ensure they get to the polls to vote for Trump, a sign that voter turnout may hurt Biden is critical states.

When voters answered the survey by saying they supported Trump, the pollsters followed-up by asking: ” Would you definitely vote for Trump, probably vote for him, or just possibly vote for him?”

A whopping 87 percent of registered Trump supporters said they would definitely vote for Trump, versus eight percent who said they would probably vote for him, and five percent who said they would possibly vote for him.

When pollsters asked the same question to voters who said they support Biden, only 74 percent said they would definitely vote for him. Fifteen percent said they would probably vote for him and 11 percent said they would possibly vote for him.

Here’s more from the Washington Examiner’s Byron York on the poll:

Ninety percent of the registered voters who support Trump said they were enthusiastic about supporting him. Seventy-six percent of Biden’s registered voter supporters said they were enthusiastic about him.

And this: People still approve of Trump’s handling of the economy. With everything that has happened as a result of coronavirus — sky-high unemployment, businesses struggling to come back, economic activity ravaged by lockdowns — a majority of those polled, 52 percent, said they approved of Trump’s handling of the economy, versus 44 percent who disapproved.

There are still lots of numbers that look bad for Trump, starting with that 10-point Biden lead. But some of the indicators of enthusiasm among Biden supporters are similar to those for Hillary Clinton back in 2016.

November’s presidential election is still a few months away, but polls are already starting to give a glimpse into which candidate might do well in certain states.

A brand new Emerson College poll found that Trump is leading presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in both Texas and Ohio — two critical states that both candidates will be targeting heavily. 

Emerson College/Nexstar Media surveyed voters in Ohio, Texas, and California regarding November’s election.

The poll found Trump leading in both Texas and Ohio. Biden, of course, is leading in the far-left state of California.

In Ohio, the poll showed Trump leading Biden 46 percent to 43 percent. It also found that 62 percent — a vast majority — of Ohio voters believe the president will be reelected.

Trump’s lead in Texas is even bigger, with the president leading Biden 47 percent to 41 percent. 

In Texas, 61 percent said they believe Trump will win a second term in office. 

Unsurprisingly, Biden has a whopping 30 percent lead of Trump in California.

However, the poll found that only 54 percent of California voters think Biden will be able to defeat Trump, a sign that even Democrats are not enthusiastic about Joe’s chances of defeating the president.

Spencer Kimball, Director of Emerson College Polling said the coronavirus has not had any effect on the numbers, which is a good sign for Trump as his administration continues to fight against the virus that originated in China and has taken a toll on America’s economy. 

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