New Poll Has Extremely Good News for 2024 MAGA Movement, Democrats in Tears

As President Biden’s poll numbers crash ever-lower due to all the present crises in America, from inflation to baby formula, gas prices to a new gun control push, former President Donald Trump just got some great news from a poll conducted by Morning Consult and Politico.

This latest poll was conducted by two outlets that are no fans of the former president, nor are they right-leaning. And, according to this poll, President Trump is set up well to succeed in 2024 if he does make the decision to run, something he has not yet announced but seems to be seriously considering.

 The Poll asked “If the 2024 Republican presidential primary were being held today, for whom would you cast your vote?”

The pool found that Trump was far and away the favorite, reaping the majority of the votes, while Governor DeSantis, the closest competitor, received only 18% of it. Heare are those results:

2024 National Republican Primary Poll: Trump 51% DeSantis 18% Pence 12% Haley 4% Romney 3% Cruz 3% Rubio 1% T. Scott 1% Pompeo 1% Cheney 1% Christie 1% Hawley 0% Cotton 0% Noem 0% Hogan 0% R. Scott 0%.

The poll consulted Democrats, Republicans, and Independents in about equal numbers (within a few percentage points), so the poll doesn’t show that only radical Republicans are supporting Trump and have somehow dominated the party.

Rather, it appears to be that if people were to vote for a Republican, they’d generally prefer Trump to any of the other alternatives.

Other polls have found similar results. While Americans generally prefer DeSantis to the other alternatives, when Trump is thrown into the mix, he tends to dominate by a wide margin.

A May poll, for instance, revealed that Trump dominated by a similarly large margin, gathering a massive 55% of the vote and dominating the competition, including a distant DeSantis that only brought in 34% of the vote, with the other hopefuls doing far, far worse.

Similarly, a January poll found that Trump dominated the field, reaping a massive 57% of the vote compared to the 12% for DeSantis and the 11% for Pence.

Trump, even though he hasn’t declared his 2024 run for the presidency, has hinted at it and remained vocal about politics. In a recent Truth Social post, for example, Trump said, “It is being stated by almost all, that Joe Biden is the worst president in history. If inflation is not reigned in, he may go down as an equal combination of Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter, with Jimmy’s only words of wisdom being that our Country ‘Should Not Use Mail-In Ballots For Voting Because They Will Lead To Very Corrupt Elections!!!'”

Regardless if Trumps runs or not, the polls are good news for the MAGA movement generally. That’s because they both show that Trump, the man most associated with MAGA, is incredibly popular, and thus so is his ideology and platform, and that DeSantis, his likely successor, is viewed by many as the next best choice.

This means, at this time anyway, it looks like Americans will have a MAGA candidate to vote for in 2024, good news for all those who are ready to move on from the RINO’s and Con, Inc. hucksters of the Romney and McCain mold.

We appreciate our friends at Patriot Alerts for content in this article.

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