A new political entity has emerged, organized by veterans who served in special operations​ and have faced genuine combat rather than political skirmishes and spats among partisan operatives. The newly formed political action committee (PAC) will elect fellow “warrior-diplomats” to Congress in the wake of last year’s Monday (Memorial Day).

The PAC was formed in response to the chaotic withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, during which a bomb attack killed 13 U.S. military personnel, prompting criticism and calls for the resignations of senior Biden administration military and foreign policy officials.

It’s no coincidence that we are launching on Memorial Day, less than a year after we witnessed the Biden​administration failures of leadership contribute to the loss of American lives in Afghanistan,” Jason Bacon, a former Green Beret and previous congressional candidate said. “It is imperative that we elect real leaders to Congress with the knowledge and experience to prevent this kind of travesty.”

“It’s going to take green berets to take the Hill. Green Beret PAC is committed to supporting U.S. House and Senate candidates from the Special Forces community and their colleagues from other branches of Special Operations,” the organization said in its mission statement, which also notes that “morality, decency and integrity” are among its founding watchwords.

Bacon described Green Berets as “warrior-diplomats” who  bring an understanding of foreign cultures, language skills and years of experience implementing American foreign policy on the ground, according to Fox News.

Bacon said, “They have a breadth of experience that surpasses that of a typical Congressional candidate. We are proud to support these outstanding candidates for Congress.”

The organization’s mission statement said, “Veteran candidates are proactive. They encourage change while keeping with American values and consistently work for the betterment of community and country.”

The statement continued, “the group’s short-term objective is assisting their endorsed candidates in 2022 and getting them across the finish line. Our aim is to identify key races nationally where we can support Green Berets and other principled veterans and make an impact in their election. Green Beret PAC will continue to impact important races throughout the country beyond the 2022 elections cycle. We aim to become a sustainable organization that serves as aresource to principled veteran candidates throughout both the special operations and conventional forces community.”

The organization also said, “Green Beret PAC serves as an independent expenditure arm for campaigns. In true Green Beret fashion, the PAC serves as a force multiplier to assist campaigns in reaching voters through paid voter contact.”

The PAC has already endorsed nine candidates, eight of them retired Green Berets and one a Navy SEAL. Christopher Miller, a retired Army Special Forces Colonel and former acting defense secretary, will serve as chair of the board. Find the details at

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Just make sure that they aren’t anything like the one eyed traitor from Texas