New John Hopkins Study Shows 99% of ALL Covid Prior Infections Resulted in ‘Natural Immunity’ That Lasted at Least 650 Days

A new bombshell report is out from our friends at John Hopkins University, and it’s quite the bombshell and it’s been widely ignored and pushed aside by the mainstream media and Democrat leaders.

Dr, Marty Makary who was leading the team at John Hopkins doing the work the CDC and the NIH refused to do, has now lead to a massive revelation. Now studies show that 99% of unvaccinated people known to have Covid infections had a vibrant “natural immunity” that didn’t go away for at least 650 days.

Of 1580 individuals invited to undergo serologic testing, 816 (52%) did so between September 24, 2021, and November 5, 2021. Participants had a mean age of 48.0 years, 421 (52%) were women, and 669 (82%) were White (Table). Fourteen percent reported routine mask use in public. Anti-RBD and anti-N antibody presence/absence were correlated (95%; Cohen κ=0.908).

Among 295 reported COVID-confirmed participants, 293 (99%) tested positive for anti-RBD antibodies (≥250 U/mL, 44%; ≥500 U/mL, 27%; ≥1000 U/mL, 15%). A median of 8.7 (IQR, 1.9-12.9; range, 0-20) months passed since reported COVID-19 diagnosis. The median anti-RBD level among those who tested positive was 205 (IQR, 61-535) U/mL. There was no evidence of association between time after infection and antibody titer (0.8% increase [95% CI, –2.4% to 4.2%] per month, P = .62) (Figure).

Among 275 reported COVID-unconfirmed participants, 152 (55%) tested positive for anti-RBD antibodies (≥250 U/mL, 18%; ≥500 U/mL, 12%; ≥1000 U/mL, 6%). The median level among those who tested positive was 131 (IQR, 35-402) U/mL.

Among 246 reported no-COVID participants, 11% tested positive for anti-RBD antibodies (≥250 U/mL, 2%; ≥500 U/mL, 2%; ≥1000 U/mL, 2%). The median level among those who tested positive was 82 (IQR, 19-172) U/mL.

Here’s a chart that was included in the study that reveals the true story. You can see from the chart, three different type of important antibodies, about 95% of people with prior infections retained all three. Over 99% had the anti-RBD positive type of antibody.

The most notable part of the numbers was the fact that natural immunity was far more durable than vaccinated immunity. Covid protection from contracting Covid alone lasted 650 days with no noticeable decline.

You’ve been lied to yet again America, what are your thoughts? Comment Below!

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1 year ago

Obviously, my 16 yr old daughter knows that. But govmt CDC and Pharma and FDA wanted to experiment with humanity and enslave and murder with all their bioweapon tools and vruses and RF radiatiom. Diagusting is what they are and these sell out universities serve their masters too.. demons in bed together. Disgusting