New Jersey to Require 2nd Graders to Learn About Gender Identity: They’re Coming for Your Children America

In a disgusting and absolutely insane move, New Jersey will require students in second grade to receive lessons in gender identify and climate change beginning this fall. GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

In June 2020, New Jersey’s Board of Education approved student learning standards for “Comprehensive Health and Physical Education” with an 8-4 vote. The curriculum is set to go into effect by September of this year.

The upcoming standards instruct teachers to “describe gender-role stereotypes and their potential impact on self and others” and “differentiate between sexual orientation and gender identity.”

“Analyze the influences of peers, family, media, social norms and culture on the expression of gender, sexual orientation, and identity,” the public school guidance states. “Advocate for school and community policies and programs that promote dignity and respect for people of all genders, gender expressions, gender identities, and sexual orientations.”

“Analyze current social issues affecting perceptions of sexuality, culture, ethnicity, disability status and make recommendations to address those issues,” the teachers are advised. 

The new standard will also teach these same children about abortion. Can you imagine explaining abortion to a 7 or 8 year old? This is absolutely state ran child abuse America!

A description of what students should learn by the eighth grade states: “Describe pregnancy testing, the signs of pregnancy, and pregnancy options, including parenting, abortion, and adoption.”

By the end of the second grade, the standards state that children are expected to “list medically accurate names for body parts, including the genitals.” Children will also be taught about reproduction.

Second-graders are to be taught “the range of ways people express their gender and how gender-role stereotypes may limit behavior.”

Second-grade teachers will also instruct children on “how climate change affects the health of individuals, plants and animals.”

This is absolutely sickening, you can read more from our friends at The Blaze.

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