New Herschel Walker Endorsement from Legendary Georgia Coach Vince Dooley Could Sway Election It’s So POWERFUL

One of the most powerful campaign ads we’ve seen in recent memory for Heisman Trophy winner and Georgia football legend Herschel Walker, and this one is something that unites people, not divides.

The legendary National Championship winning Vince Dooley, a Georgia football legend in his own right and the ripe old age of 90, has endorsed Herschel Walker for United States Senate in Georgia. It could be powerful enough to sway the election against Rafael Warnock, as Dooley is that loved in the state of Georgia.

Dooley is a winner, and Georgians love a winner. Dooley won six SEC Championships and the 1980 National Championship with Walker. The two are synonymous together. Dooley was also recognized as National Coach of the Year in 1980 by the National Sportscaster and Sportswriters Association, the award you now know as the Paul “Bear” Bryant Award.

Dooley was also a United States Marine, and served as an infantry officer. When we told you this was a massive endorsement in the state of Georgia, we weren’t exaggerating. Did we mention that Dooley was the Georgia Athletic Director from 1979-2004 as well? Yeah, he’s loved in Georgia, it’s not an understatement. But his words about his longtime friend and player may be something that will sway a vote, and help restore a nation.

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“I admired Herschel from the beginning,” he said. “Herschel has always been challenged by doing things that people thought he wasn’t capable of doing. He’s always wanted to be the best.” 

“He’s a real patriot… He loves the United States of America. He also is realistic that he can be better,” Dooley continued. “There is a need in this country, there is need is this state for somebody like Herschel.”

“He will make a great United States Senator,” Dooley concluded. As Dooley speaks, the footage shows highlights from Walker’s football career.

Watch the powerful endorsement video below:

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