New Hampshire State Reps Move for Impeachment of Republican Gov. Over Draconian Mask Mandates

Five conservative state representatives in New Hampshire are making moves to remove Governor Chris Sununu over his draconian lockdown orders in the state.

“This move was not taken lightly,” said Representative Andrew Prout, one of the seven pushing for impeachment. “We must restore our government to its constitutional roots – with checks and balances – where the Legislature writes the laws and the executive branch implements them.”

The mandate requires that everyone wear a mask in public spaces, whether indoors or outdoors, where six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained. Exceptions include those with medical exemptions and anyone under the age of five.

The order stands through January 15th.

“We know that the Democrats were very happy with the governor taking executive powers,” said Rep. Sylvia. “Because they see a future where they can grab the ring of power and use it in a way that is perhaps less restrained than Gov. Sununu has been.”

The New Hampshire GOP disagrees.

In a joint statement, GOP chairman for New Hampshire Steve Stepanek and vice-chair Pam Tucker wrote:

“The NHGOP has always and will continue to stand with Govenor Sununu and his team as he fights for Granite Staters during this global pandemic. Talk of impeachment is a severe obfuscation of the reasons Granite Staters elected Republicans on November 3rd and these House members seeking headlines will look foolish when this effort falls flat before it even gets off the ground.”

Rep. Sylvia understands that his stance puts him in a difficult position with his own party: “Obviously, this does not put me in great standing with the party. Obviously, we would like to be all unified and this is not…a unifying issue. But we do need to settle this.”

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2 years ago

Agree completely. We moved here for freedom, not this…