Nevadans Turn Back on Governor During Route 91 Memorial He Embezzled From

While some politicians believe a “peaceful protest” involves looting sneakers and burning down Targets, nothing of the sort happened today at the protest this early morning in Las Vegas. During the Route 91 anniversary memorial, advocates for the victims that have yet to be paid out for their injuries, quietly protested by turning their backs whenever Governor Sisolak or Sheriff Joe Lombardo spoke. They would then turn back around in respect during the flag ceremony or whenever a victim’s family spoke, but not for the men accused of capitalizing off a tragedy both politically…and financially. For those not familiar with the situation, Governor Sisolak was only a candidate at the time of the Route 91 tragedy where 58 people lost their lives, and immediately he began collecting what eventually amounted to over $32 million dollars for the Gofundme alone. Problem is….as far as Nevadans can tell, he never distributed most of the money, and refuses to answer questions as to where it went. Survivors of the event have often had to sue to cover the cost of their hospital bills and trauma….and many STILL haven’t been paid despite winning their cases in court. Sheriff Lombardo has been criticized for changing the timeline of the events 3 separate times….until it finally benefitted the MGM over their own liability. To make matters worse, Governor Sisolak put the CEO of MGM Jim Murren in charge of the “Route 91” task force, which helps to explain why Nevadans have yet to receive any real answers about motive or what really happened. People who handed in evidence to help, had their phones handed back deleted. Sheriff Lombardo went as far as to try to emptily claim Paddock must have been a “Trump supporter” because his economic policies were beneficial to him (and everyone in the country.) why would a Trump supporter shoot at a crowd of mostly other Trump supporters? And people wonder why voters would turn their backs on these two. Despite being close friends, they are both currently running against eachother. Many Nevadans believe this is a blatant attempt to keep the highly unpopular Sisolak in power by Lombardo winning the Republican primary, only to throw it for whatever reason in the end…or worse yet, win and replace Sisolak with the same unconstitutional, destructive policies.

After the memorial was over, several concerned Nevadans asked questions of their “elected” officials after they had walked away, and ALL of them refused to answer. When I confronted my district commissioner Justin Jones on why he voted to censor free speech about the vaccine despite a super majority of Nevadans being against it, he refused to answer even though he was literally doing nothing and just standing there:

We also caught commissioner chair Marilyn Kirkpatrick an infamously rude mask nazi, not wearing her mask:

She quickly rushes to put it on but the hypocrisy was already on show, if you don’t know….we’re supposed to have mandatory masks bit indoor and out, an idea so absurd the commissioners never want to follow it themselves. As “elected” officials continue to ignore the majority of Anerican voters about their wants and needs…I doubt the next protest against them will be anything as quiet and peaceful, as it was today. Full video by Travis Ebarb here:

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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