Nevadans Take Protests to Their Corrupt Politicians Front Lawns

Nevadans have been fighting with their government authorities over unconstitutional mandates, forced vaccinations, and fraudulent elections that have been taking place with none of the required legal transparency since illegal covid restrictions have started, not that the local news stations have been reporting on it. For months now, citizens have been regularly protesting meetings, as well as up and down the Strip with flags to the deaf ears of “elected” politicians who continue to ignore the people and to do whatever the hell the Biden administration wants. Citizens have been thrown out, arrested, and even physically assaulted at meetings for voicing their concerns and opinions. You might remember, it was in Las Vegas where county commissioners voted to censor free speech and what they deemed “misinformation” about vaccine side effects and deaths, and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Mack Miller was dragged off, thrown to the ground, and injured for demanding to know the badge number of the security officer who shoved me into him and others.

Well last night, fed up Nevadans took their protests to the front lawns of these very same corrupt local officials:

The corrupt powers that be can pretend this was out of line all they want, but what else are citizens supposed to do when their politicians go against the United States Constitution they’re required to uphold? The protests were not aggressive nor violent in anyway either. Patriots simply waved flags, chanted their rightful issues, and had a pizza party on the street…which finally got them some much overdue media attention about their constitutional crisis with corrupt officials.

Commissioner Tick Segerblum (who’s the one complaining about the protesters in the FOX video) is a self-proclaimed socialist who regularly pushes communist propaganda on his social media. If you remember, he’s also the one I interviewed on video where he that even though 99% of the people at the these meetings were against mandates and forced vaccinations… he was going to go against them and do whatever he wanted anyway:

Also not being covered by the local news stations this month, was a suspected DUI by Governor Steve Sisolak where he was not given a sobriety test despite causing an accident and appearing impaired on LVPD body cam footage. Nor how Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford asked people to “pray” for the men that died attacking Kyle Rittenhouse, which included a convicted 5 time child rapist.

Also despite thousands of signed affidavits from voters demanding a forensic audit per their right according to the state constitution into the state’s extremely suspicious 2020 election where poll watchers were not allowed to observe, signatures weren’t matched, and voting “stopped” only to have Biden votes injected in the middle of the night, Nevada officials have not inky illegally denied their requests…but threatened them with C class felonies just for asking. Considering the people being accused of the fraud are the ones in charge of investigating it….Nevadans really are going to have to ramp up their protests to get things done.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to remind these people to do their damn jobs:

SOS Barbara Cegavske: 775-684-5708

AG Aaron Ford: 775-684-1100

Governor Steve Sisolak: 775-684-5670

Sheriff’s Office: 702-828-3394 or email

Tick Segerblom – District E. County Commissioner. (702) 455-3503

Marilyn Kirkpatrick- District B. Chairman, (702) 455-3500

James B. Gibson – District G. (702) 455-5561

Michael Naft – District A. County Commissioner. (702) 455-3500

Ross Miller – District C. County Commissioner. (702) 455-4901

William McCurdy II – District D. County Commissioner. (702) 455-3239

Justin Jones – District F. (702) 455-3500,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud and permanently in Facebook jail, you can follow me through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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