Nevadans File Maladministration Suits En Masse Against Corrupt Government State Officials

TO:  Governor Steve Sisolak, Lieutenant Governor Kate Marshall, Attorney General Aaron Ford, Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, Deputy Secretary of State Gail Anderson, The Legislature of Nevada, US Representatives and Senators, Mayors, City Councils, County Judges, County Commissioners, School Boards & Sheriffs:

FROM: The People of Nevada

We address you today regarding your failure of leadership and failures to protect the fundamental rights of Nevadans in this great state. We the people of Nevada have called, emailed, protested, and attended school board meetings, city council meetings and Nevada Legislature sessions. We have served Affidavits of Maladministration, as is our RIGHT per the Nevada Constitution.  We have filed a writ of mandamus, with affidavits attached in support, to demand that Governor Sisolak uphold his oath.  With one voice, we demanded that you preserve and protect our freedoms. We offered you ample opportunities to address these issues, yet you stood by while a tyrannical governor, overreaching mayors, and unaccountable federal leviathan destroyed our state.

We demand that you answer for your inaction, and we will continue to utilize all forms of communication to call attention to your failures and promote your impending removals from office. We have determined that if you are not standing up for our freedoms, you are part of the problem.  The governor, secretary of state, and legislators will now stand by and watch as we peacefully remove them from their respective positions.

Attorney General Ford, you have a choice to stand with us and fight to secure our Constitutional freedoms or you can stand by while we also remove you. We The People of the Great State of Nevada demand Attorney General Ford agree to a meeting with us immediately.

How have you failed us? 

•You stood by while tyrants attacked our 1stAmendment right to live and work freely, using fear and tyranny to lock us in our homes and attack our rights.

•You stood by while small businesses were shattered, meanwhile Amazon and other big box stores made record profits. You shut down our schools, houses of worship, reunions, funerals, festivals, and concerts, yet you kept casinos and brothels open and continued construction for Allegiant Stadium and Resorts World when they had known cases.

•You stood by while our kids were deprived of their education, were muzzled by political pseudo-science, and school board meetings were cut short because parents came in protest of mask mandates and the psychological abuse of our children.

•You stood by while Nevadans remain restricted to petition their government or redress their grievances in person, due to the unconstitutional mandates. In some cases, you stood by as Nevadans were assaulted for standing up for their rights. 

•You stood by while our Secretary of State broke federal and state election laws and allowed us to vote on election machines that have not been properly certified and claim that Nevada Gaming Control Board was qualified to “certify” our voting machines. We demand election integrity!

•You stood by as Anthony Fauci and the NIH lied about the origins of the virus. He has lied about gain of function research and not one of you has held him accountable. This led to precious lost response time that cost Nevadans their lives and many more their livelihood. Perhaps most appallingly, you stood by and allowed the same corrupt FDA/CDC/NIH to ban and limit availability of inexpensive life-saving treatments. These vulgar actions continue to cost the lives of thousands of Americans, including hundreds of Nevadans whose blood is on your hands.

You have failed this state, this country, and the people. We no longer consent to your failed governance. Now you can resign or stand by and watch while we remove every one of you from your position and take back our beloved state. Your time is up.


We the People of the Great State of Nevada

Referenced Links:

1. Nevadans were muzzled: 

Using political pseudo-science, links to 41 high-impact, peer-reviewed studies illustrating why masks fail to curb or reduce the spread of Covid-19.

2. Nevadans lost their businesses:

Almost half of our small businesses were closed for good September 16, 2020 Yelp data shows.

Meanwhile, Amazon made record profits January 30, 2021. In 2020, big businesses got bigger and small businesses died. The vicious cycle won’t stop until we take action.

3. Nevadans were threatened with arrest: 

A Nevada pastor was ordered to be placed under arrest by Governor Sisolak for holding religious services.

4. Nevadans were assaulted: 

Lt. Governor candidate was injured while being thrown out of a County Commissioners meeting while protecting a resident who was assaulted by Clark County Security.

5. Nevadans were victims of “Rules for thee, but not for me”:

Nevada Dems violated the mask mandate at a 911 costumeparty honoring Chinese billionaire.

Clark County Commissioner Bans Unmasked in Public, while Refusing to Wear Mask at Public Meeting!

Vegas Commish Partying Without Mask After Voting For Mask Mandate

6. Nevadans lost their voice at the voting booth:

It was uncovered just how vulnerable our election systems are.

September 24, 2021 – Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit

Volume I: Executive Summary & Recommendations

Volume II: Operations & Methodology

Volume III: Result Details

7. Nevadans were forbidden effective treatments:

Effective treatments for COVID were banned in favor of more expensive experimental treatments which are killing people. 

Nevada Governor limits use of anti-malaria drugs for coronavirus patients – CNN

October 5, 2021 – India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh with nearly 200 million people, declared COVID-free zone since government promoted ivermectin.

8. Nevadans suffered and died:

People suffered life-long injuries or even death VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Even Reports

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

Meanwhile, if you’d like to remind these people to do their damn job: SOS Barbara Cegavske: 775-684-5708

AG Aaron Ford: 775-684-1100

Governor Steve Sisolak: 775-684-5670

Sheriff’s Office: 702-828-3394 or email,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Marilyn Kirkpatrick- District B. Chairman, (702) 455-3500

James B. Gibson – District G. (702) 455-5561

Michael Naft – District A. County Commissioner. (702) 455-3500

Ross Miller – District C. County Commissioner. (702) 455-4901

William McCurdy II – District D. County Commissioner. (702) 455-3239

Tick Segerblom – District E. County Commissioner. (702) 455-3503

Justin Jones – District F. (702) 455-3500

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Diane Wisehart
Diane Wisehart
1 year ago

Fantastic idea…is this really happening? 👏 How did they get it started?? Good Patriots wonder what they can do to take back our country, legally and safely….

1 year ago

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1 year ago

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