Nevada Returns to Mandatory Masks: Town Hall Protest Thursday Night

Starting Friday July 30th at midnight, Nevada regresses back to mandatory mask mandates across the state including Las Vegas…and residents are not happy. The mandate applies to EVERYONE, including those who are fully vaccinated or have already recovered from covid and obtained natural immunity.

This raises the serious question of “Why?” Dr. Fauci’s recent email release through the FOIA revealed that he knew masks did little against viruses, and that lockdowns were also ineffective. (It was also revealed Fauci funded the weaponization of covid with China, for which Rand Paul is demanding criminal charges.) Governor Steve Sisolak who’s already faced two attempted recalls and notoriously broke his own lockdown and mask mandates several times, as well as lying about hospitals being over capacity (patriots took video of a completely empty covid “emergency” hospital in Reno) as well as granting himself “emergency powers” to illegally pass mandates without going through the required legislation, states his reasoning is over CDC recommendations and concerns over the “delta” variant. Considering the CDC just quietly admitted that their tests do not discern between covid and the flu, one has to wonder how you could possibly even know if you’re dealing with a “variant” or just the regular flu for that manner? It’s pretty simple…they can’t. Nevadans are concerned this mandate is unnecessary, uncomfortable, completely against their rights, as well as being bad for business and tourism…which is only starting to just come back from the last round of restrictions. There are also concerns that masks not only don’t work against viruses…but actually do more harm than good leaving individuals open to infection and bacterial pneumonia.

So what can be done? After hiding behind “virtual” town hall meeting since covid’s inception to avoid the People, in-person town hall meetings have once again begun to start up. Thursday, July 29 from 5:30-7:30pm there is a town hall meeting with Clark County’s Commissioner William McCurdy at Pearson Community College, 1625 W. Carey Ave, Las Vegas, NV. He specifically wants to hear what Nevadan’s opinions are about how to recover from the forced lockdowns of the pandemic…which many believe should include not hurting our tourist industry with mask mandates, not allowing companies to illegally force employees and patrons to vaccinate or discriminating against them for not doing so, why OSHA was used by Governor Sisolak to illegally fine companies punitively for mandates that were not constitutional and will these fines be dropped, spending recovery funds on small businesses and independent contractors who were hit the hardest, and perhaps the most important of all with Rasmussen polls showing more than half of voters believe there was some kind of fraud in 2020…demanding a full forensic audit of the election to prove our vote mattered during this crisis.

I am currently working with a nonpartisan group pushing for a statewide forensic audit of the 2020 election over massive transparency issues, I will be attending specifically to ask my county commissioner why government officials have been breaking their oath of office by ignoring, intimidating, and even threatening Nevadans just for even asking for an audit. Hundreds of notarized affidavits have already been sent out already demanding an audit by the People, you may find out how to participate “here” and how to register that you’ve already done it “here.”

Since I’ve been kicked off of Twitter for posting about election fraud, you can follow updated news about the Nevada Audit either through my telegram or uncensored on GAB (which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access) at @AmericanAFMindy

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