Nevada Patriots Prepare For Major Forensic Election Audit Push

While most battleground states have been all over the news talking about fraud and demanding audits, Nevada has been exceptionally quiet. Why? Because deep rooted corruption in Nevada is nothing new, from the 4-time arrested Attorney General, to the RINO Secretary of State that allowed mail-in ballots to dead people and illegal ballot harvesting in the first place, to the Governor who made sure one of the first things he did in office was make it harder to recall him. To say politics have been dirty awhile here, would be an understatement. But the people of Nevada didn’t give up on their country or their vote, we witnessed election fraud with our own eyes on multiple levels…but with the local media all leaning Left, we seemed to have no recourse. That was until the good, honest People of Arizona used the power of their state constitution to petition and force the government to do the forensic audit required, shall the people demand it. While delegates from many states have been visiting Maricopa County all week, several weeks ago I visited it myself to talk to the same Patriots that initiated the original audit there like Josh Barnett, Daniel Wood, and David Jose specifically with hope to recreate and adapt what they did there, here for Nevada.

After a week of polishing the affidavit through a top notch paralegal, constitutional lawyers, and the writers of the original Maricopa County petition themselves, we personally hand delivered the notarized documents that put the State on notice for maladministration and certified mailed out the rest. The only thing left for People of Nevada to do now, is to garner even more affidavits in supportive strength and wait for the official reply of the State and it’s officials. Whether this goes to arbitration or not, depends on how badly the State wants to ignore the constitutional right of its people to demand proof the elections they just held were fair and legal. Despite what the news would have you believe, it’s not up to the People to prove fraud to the courts to get an audit….it’s up to the government to prove to the People the elections were fair in the first place if they demand it….and we have officially demanded it.

This has been rolling since Monday, June 7, 2021, and it hasn’t been easy to get this story out. The media doesn’t want to report on it because then they’d have to admit they were wrong (or purposely misleading, let’s be honest) and everything related to election fraud and most of the accounts that were reporting on it (like mine) have been permanently suspended and removed from social media. (If you go on GAB which is a free speech app, you’ll see all the stories of fraud they’re finding with these audits you won’t see anywhere else.) The mainstream censorship won’t matter though, news like this cannot be suppressed for long. These nationwide election audits feel inevitable, as the country waits for the bombshell I already know Maricopa will be dropping.

UPDATE MESSAGE from the People pushing the audit with follow up information and instructions:

As the Arizona Audit is about to reveal, there was MASSIVE voter and election fraud throughout the United States. We have been filing consistently with the SOS requesting (legal demand) the transparency our constitution provides, and they have not administered. We are now at the stage where we need YOUR help!! We need everyone in Nevada (and outside of Nevada can participate too) to follow these instructions. Thank you in advance for your desire for free and fair elections. This is not about who won or didn’t won. It is about securing our elections to prevent fraud and treason. Arizona has led the charge and are helping us navigate a confusing process! Disclaimer: when the recorders offices send you notices that you need to send them $37 to record or that your document was rejected, save that paper and do not send money!!! It’s legally complicated, but that is all we want. The paper will state “we received your paperwork and ….” So, they got it and that’s all we need! Thank you in advance please save these documents (proof of mailing, receipts, and recorder letters with your original).

Step one: Print ONLY pages 1-6 of this document.

Step two: Fill it out EXCEPT the verification page (must be signed in presence of notary) Where it says “affiant” put your name.

Step three: Get it notarized. Most banks will do it for free if you have an account with them.

Step four: Make at least 5 copies (you keep original), up to 15 copies, depending on your financial situation.

Step five: Go to post office and send via CERTIFIED mail to at least the addresses on page one. It is preferred to mail page 6 via certified mail also, but it can be done by email or regular mail to save money.

Step six: Screenshot and email to the remainder of addresses on the final (unprinted pages).

Step seven: SAVE the original and staple the proof of mailings. 

Step eight: Pat yourself on the back and reward yourself for doing your civic duty!! We WILL prevail!!! Thank you so much!

Original interview article, which includes the PDF of the affidavit for others to check out and fill out: here.)

Follow me on GAB (since I’m kicked off everything else, you can bookmark it through the DuckDuckGo app) @AmericanAFMindy or contact me at

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Sheila Danish
Sheila Danish
1 year ago

You will find the forensic audit form here:

Anndrea Quaill
Anndrea Quaill
1 year ago

Is Joey Gilbert helping you do this? I have the pages his team sent me through my email. Want to make sure they are the same. I need to go into town and get this done.

1 year ago

We have no choice but to be fully successful and get the criminals out of OUR government.

Lydia Rinehart
Lydia Rinehart
10 months ago