Leadership Change Brings Nevada Libertarians Into the Fight Against Unconstitutional Mandates and Forced Vaccinations

You have to live in Nevada to understand how deeply corrupt the state actually is. With Democrats going insane on tax payer spending sprees for all their liberal pet projects at a time we can’t afford it, and gleefully stripping away the constitutional rights of the American people all in the name of a virus our own government and China suspiciously created….you would think this would be a great opportunity for the GOP to step in and step up. Well, you would think so anyway. Truth is, other than a few outspoken superstars like Jim Jordon, Rand Paul, and Marjorie Greene, the GOP seems just fine with letting it all happen and focusing on their next campaign like the American people are ever going to blindly donate to them again (I’ve taken to ripping their pan-handling letters up in anger.) If you followed my congressional campaign in 2020 where Kevin McCarthy gave a half million dollars in dark funds (Nevadans weren’t told where it came from before the primary) to my 5 times sued for fraud, 3 assaults on strangers, and 4 instances of domestic abuse opponent Dan Rodimer…then you know, Washington swamp rats aren’t actually going to allow anyone looking to fight the Deep State to win. Only morally compromised crooks they can use and make money off of are blessed with endorsements, money, and support. Where I live in Las Vegas, the Clark County Republicans have taken to infighting, suing eachother, putting restraining orders on eachother, holding entirely separate meetings, separate elections, and neither side is actually doing a damn thing about pushing for audits or stopping forced vaccinations and passports within the state. That fight has been left to the People….and one other political party that’s been stepping up in a major way at all these rallies and protests, Nevada Libertarians. As many of you know I tried to start the Patriot Party as a minor party in Nevada, but not only did the Secretary of State ignore all our paperwork…she passed a Bill last spring making starting a new party TWICE as hard by needing twice as many signatures as before…which is of course, all based off a percentage of all the phoney people and stolen mail in ballots in 2020.

What’s a constitutionalist to do? So I decided to check out the local Libertarian chapter to see what they were all about. Over beer and pizza, I was pleasantly surprised to hear something I don’t normally hear from the other political parties in my state…..solutions. I was given literature like the Anatomy of the State, which despite having read before along the way as an American History major had never hit so close to home before as it talks about the parasitical political class that makes its living taxing hard working people dry. The Federal government has been slowly asserting power not granted to it by Constitution for decades…only recently, have they decided to go all in on this tyranny. Once a freedom is taken, it has to be fought to be given back….and a dialed back Federal government and return to the Constitution is exactly what these Nevada Libertarians were all about. They had just gone through a change of leadership themselves and to better explain, I asked Jeff Hurley the LPNV Vice Chair to answer a few questions to give people a better idea of what they were about:

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what the Libertarian party stands for these days. For Nevada, what would you say the top three things on your platform are?

It is very hard to choose just three. Almost every issue can be distilled down to rolling back government overreach. But if I had to choose:

1. End All COVID Related Mandates

Let it be known that mandates are not the role of government and our problems can be solved through the spontaneous order that arises from the voluntary interactions of free people. A small group of bureaucrats don’t have access to the knowledge necessary to solve problems as big as dealing with a pandemic without wreaking havoc upon those they are supposed to serve. As long as we are free to adhere to the principles of self-ownership and property rights we can make individual risk assessments that will result in the best possible outcome for society.

2. End All Foreign Wars, Interventions and Occupations.

The job of the military isn’t protecting the borders of some far off land, but to be protecting the people right here at home.

The foreign interventions of the last decades haven’t made us safer, if anything they have painted a bigger target on us. Other countries don’t want to attack us because we are free, they want to attack us because we have been meddling in their affairs for generations. Look up the concept of blowback. We have created more terrorists than we have ended. The RAND corporation did a study on terrorism and how to end it, and conventional warfare is the most ineffective way of dealing with terrorism. It is like the Hydra from Greek mythology, every time we cut off one head two more grow back.

The foreign interventions have made the world a more dangerous place, greatly contributed to the bankruptcy of the nation, and decimated the lives of millions of people in other countries that are nothing more than victims of circumstance.

3. End the Fed ( the monopoly on the currency by the banking cartels )

The Federal Reserve is the biggest counterfeiter the world has ever seen. The dollar has lost 98% of its value since the inception of the Federal Reserve. It is through the fiat currency that the Fed steals from all of us. They erode the purchasing power of our savings. The purchasing power should be increasing over time, not decreasing. They have stolen all gains in productivity from us since the 70’s through a hidden tax… inflation.

There is a reason why a home in the 70’s that cost 30K, now costs 500K. There is a reason why in less than a two year period Apple went from a trillion dollar market cap to over 2 trillion. It is the increase in the money supply. With every dollar that gets printed every dollar becomes less valuable. The well connected benefit by getting to use the newly printed money, but then when it filters into the system it results in higher prices for everyone else. It also enables the government’s irresponsible fiscal policies and endless wars.

It is through the artificial manipulation of the interest rates that the Federal Reserve creates malinvestment and the boom-bust cycle, it is why we have a bubble that pops every 7 to 11 years. Main street is ravaged while the well connected get bailed out by the taxpayer.

If we want true economic growth and stability we need to legalize competing currencies which will prevent the system from being prone to systemic risk and serve as a check against the Feds money printing. If people had a choice they wouldn’t choose federal reserve notes as their primary currency. They would choose a currency that isn’t constantly being debased.

Are there any general differences between Nevada Libertarians when compared to the national party? And if so, do you think that this in a way appeals to more American voters?

I don’t want to travel too deep into the inside baseball and transformation of the party that is taking place, but I would say the biggest difference between Nevada and national is that we believe in bold unapologetic messaging. We can’t be more worried about offending someone than we are about rolling back the tyrannical 26 trillion dollar honey pot that has come to oppress us all. People don’t need milquetoast messaging, they need to be woken up. If we want to live in a free society we need to tell the truth no matter how uncomfortable it might be and sometimes it takes a shock jock to really get a point across.

I think bold messaging does appeal to American voters, because they want authenticity, they want someone that is going to tell them how it is, and they want someone with a backbone that is willing to stand up for them.

I’ve been seeing more and more Libertarians at these freedom marches and rallies, do you think given the current state of things that’s encouraging people to abandon the establishment parties in favor of a more pro-constitutionalist approach that wants to if anything reel in the government from their current giant overreaches of power?

I do believe the current state of things is encouraging people to abandon the establishment parties. I think people in the grassroots of both parties have come to see that their establishment says what they want to hear in order to get elected, but in the end the establishment is beholden to special interests. The establishment is not there to carry out the will of the people, they essentially are being used as useful idiots.

I remain optimistic. I think it is very clear how the entire system came together and was weaponized against Trump. Many on the right have come to have a very healthy distrust of the media, big corporations, and government. Four years ago, if you mentioned the deep state they would have no idea what you were talking about, but now it is part of their common vernacular.

When you support the same candidate as the intelligence community, the foreign-policy establishment, Wall Street, the media, Hollywood, politicized medicine, academia, woke corporations, and big tech, you are not raging against the machine, you are part of it. We must keep in mind the people on the right did not support this candidate.

People seem to think the Libertarian party is pro-abortion, but from I can tell there doesn’t seem to be an official stance at all. Is that something the party is leaving to state’s rights and what voters would want?

I am sure as you are aware abortion is a very divisive issue and there are many beliefs within the LP in regards to how it should be dealt with. I don’t think any Libertarian 100% agrees on this issue. I believe that abortion needs to be looked at on a case-by-case basis because there are cases without question where having an abortion is potentially the right thing to do. My personal belief is in most cases I would not encourage someone to have one. I believe there is a lot of nuance and a lot of deep philosophical conversations taking place, and that still need to take place within the LP to have a solid answer on this issue.

I do believe state’s rights are a step in the right direction, but I would like to take the political decentralization even further down to localities. I want people to live in communities that best reflect the culture of their communities.

I think we should do everything we can to educate people on making responsible decisions and encourage them to not have abortions. I also believe as science continues to improve there will no longer be an argument in favor of abortion, because evicting a fetus wouldn’t necessarily need to result in a death sentence.

The most controversial stance of all seems, to be the legalization of drugs. People seem to act like the only reason people don’t do drugs is because it’s illegal. I can legally go to the store to buy some paint to huff, but the law is not why I’m not going to do it. The success of legalized cannabis has been beneficial in the way it’s taking money out of the hands of gangs and cartels, and putting it back into the community. Can you better explain why Libertarians believe it will actually cut down on crime and be safer for the community?

Libertarianism is a philosophy built on the idea of self-ownership. No one has a right to say what I can and can’t put in my body. If someone’s consent has not been violated in regards to their person or their property no crime has been committed. We shouldn’t be putting peaceful people in cages. The only real way to end the use of drugs is to change the moral character of the people. Violent people are going to be violent with or without drugs and peaceful people are going to be peaceful with or without drugs. If heroin was legalized tomorrow most people reading this aren’t going to get up and run to go do drugs because that part of their character has already been defined.

The US has the highest incarceration rate out of any country and it is a direct result of the drug war. The US has spent billions of dollars fighting the drug war through a number of agencies and it has done nothing to reduce the number of drug users.

When you make a substance illegal, it just creates a black market for the substance. It becomes a trade dominated by criminals rather than by responsible business owners. It creates an environment that is much riskier, because the black market isn’t afforded the same protections that a business in a normal marketplace would be otherwise. Also, criminals are much more likely to push drugs to children because they don’t have the same moral fortitude that comes with the solid reputation required of a responsible business owner. I remember when I was a teen it was very hard to acquire alcohol, this is because no business wants to lose its liquor license, but I recall it was quite easy to obtain drugs, because the risk to a criminal is the same whether they sell it to an adult or whether they sell it to children.

It costs a lot to keep someone in prison. To reduce the burden on the taxpayer, prison should be reserved for people that are truly menaces to society. If someone has been arrested for drugs, they now have a permanent record. This hurts their chances of being hired in the future and makes it more likely they will be dependent on the government. Putting peaceful people in prison turns them into hardened criminals. They are forced to do things to survive that they wouldn’t have to do otherwise. This usually adds to their sentence trapping them in a system they shouldn’t have been part of in the first place. I could go deeper, but we can save this for another time.

To the average American voter currently disgusted at the state of our corrupt government and major establishment parties, what would you tell them is the most important thing they can do right now to start fixing what is wrong?

I would say the most important thing you can do is to not comply with government mandates. I would encourage people to get involved with a local group of like-minded individuals and practice peaceful civil disobedience. The biggest impact we can have in our communities and with the people around us is to think locally and act locally.

We need to break the stranglehold the duopoly has over us. It really is a one-party system controlled by the elites and special interests. The media and academia are tools the elites use to produce a narrative and manipulate people to advance their agenda. The elites hedge their bets and when one party falls out of favor with the majority, the elites jump to the other party. The duopoly is toxic for society because it causes everyone to align diametrically on every issue whether it is right or wrong.

I would encourage everyone to seek reliable alternative news sources, alternative methods of education and to consider joining the Libertarian Party. We have an amazing community and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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