Nevada Governor to Host Segregated “Asian Only” Graduation Ceremony

Apparently once progressives hit a wall trying too hard to be “woke” ….the only other direction….is backwards.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, who’s spent the last year being under attack for granting himself “emergency powers” and illegally passing laws and mandates without going through the necessary legislation that he also notoriously didn’t follow himself

….has outdone himself by personally endorsing and speaking at a racially segregated graduation just for Asian students called “Graduasian.” That’s right, apparently the Democrats believe that the only way to fight perceived racism…is with actual racism.

To make matters even more stereotypically racist, the entire event is being sponsored by Panda Express, a Chinese Food restaurant. Also attending this segrated event is Democrat Congresswoman Susie Lee. She too has come under fire for pushing for loans that gave millions in covid aid to her husband’s casinos. Together they own 14 houses, 2 private jets, and 2 casinos….so as you can see she’s basically “one of the people.”

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