Nevada Governor Rolls Out Vaccine Passports Against the Will of the People

Instead of letting up, Nevada Governor Steve “Shady” Sisolak made an announcement that he would be increasing mask mandates, forced vaccinations, and supporting vaccine passports yesterday. This comes as concerned crowds of voters have been taking over town hall and school board meetings across the state, angrily confronting politicians about the lack of science behind any of it, and rallying for their freedom all month. In a press conference (that the public was NOT allowed to attend) Governor Sisolak unrolled a plan of absolute medical tyranny that will destroy any hope Nevada has to recover our economy and regain control of our personal freedom. Claiming to have sought the advice from his covid task force of “medical doctors” Sisolak doubled down on his not-based-on-science demands that continue to destroy small businesses and pressure larger ones to force their employees and customers into compliance. Coincidentally Sisolak’s “task force” isn’t headed up by a doctor, but headed up by Jim Murren…who happens to be his friends and the CEO of MGM casinos.

Both were accused of helping to cover up the truth about Route 91, for which Sisolak has yet to explain where the $32 million in gofundme money he collected ever went…because it sure didn’t go to the victims.

Without ever addressing why people with natural immunity or religious and conscientious objections had to comply, Sisolak plowed along with giving large venues the “choice” (or optional illusion as I like to call it) to either force all attendees to wear masks no matter their vaccination or objection status, or ask to see their proof of vaccinations. If you’re wondering if that’s legal, I assure you it’s not. You cannot ask someone about their medical history, and there are more than enough reasons to not want to take a vaccine that doesn’t work, and has side effects no one’s allowed to discuss online without getting censored, and that’s had ZERO long term testing. Important note: Nevada’s numbers are down and some of the lowest in the nation….not to mention that the fact that Fauci himself got caught in emails stating lockdowns and masks don’t work, so why are we even doing this?

Keep in mind that with everything you’re about to read, that Sisolak doesn’t consider this to technically be a “vaccine passport.”

Isn’t that ripe? Demanding you make attendees show proof of vaccination…isn’t a vaccine passport because you have the “option” to force everyone to wear uncomfortable masks that don’t work against their will instead? It’s like they think we’re stupid. Then there’s the cherry on top, children who aren’t even susceptible to covid must be forced to wear a mask that doesn’t work….because he says so.

There’s something seriously wrong with the way this vaccine is being pushed so hard. Why did everyone who died no matter what, was labeled as a “covid death” if they tested positive….but anyone who drops dead right after the vax shows “no causality” to the CDC? Why aren’t we being given a choice? Why should we take a “cure” that’s being pushed by the same man that funded and helped create the virus? Why aren’t they doing more autopsies on people who died after he vaccine and releasing the information? What the hell is really in this thing and why should we take it if it doesn’t even stop covid? Watch this video “here” from one of the few doctors that have examined a body after it died from the vaccine…and you tell me something’s not wrong:

If you want to fight for your right as an American to work, go out, and live your life free from medical tyranny….we will be rallying for our freedom here. This is not about left vs. right, or blue vs. red…this is about the right of all Americans to be free. You can start here: Please call into the State Board of Health to give public comment on their proposal for a forced vaccine mandate for college students. ⁠August 20, 2021, Call starts at 9AM. Let them hear your voice!⁠

Dial In: 669-900-9128⁠
Meeting ID 933 5748 2790⁠
Passcode 105311⁠


And here:

And here:

Followed by a few choice words from my fellow angry Nevadans (which considering how most are kicked off Twitter, says a lot that they’re still the super majority) :

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