Nevada Commissioner Tick Segerblum Slanders Man Assaulted By Security at Commissinor Meeting

The battle between corrupt government officials in Nevada the public they refuse to listen to continues, as self proclaimed socialist Commissioner Tick Segerblum slanders the man that was assaulted at the last town hall meeting. Mack Miller a Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor was picked up and shoved to the ground in a video that went viral this week by the county commissioner’s private security. The altercation actually began when security shoved me into several people including Mack Miller, and Miller emphatically demanded to know the name and badge number of the security guard that did it. You can watch both videos below to see the entire exchange for yourself:

Commissioner Tick Segerblum went on the record with the local news channel NBC3 (they all heavily lean left in Nevada, including the local FOX) accusing Mack Miller of punching someone, and claiming that it was all caught on “video.”

Problem is that’s not what happened I was there in the room, and none of the videos show anything like that. I was recording the entire time and no lunch was being thrown. Also worth mentioning that that they blame the initial ruckus on a guy who wouldn’t wear a mask….which they fail to mention was trying to drink his coffee at the time. For about a 10 minute period Commissinor Tick Segerblum during this same meeting wasn’t wearing his own mask:

This was something he also got caught doing weeks ago after passing the mandatory mask mandate and partying in town.

Segerblum is not a man of integrity, after getting him to admit in an interview where he agreed that 99% of these town halls were full of people that were AGAINST forced vaccinations and mask mandates….he went on to say that he was going to do whatever he wanted anyway:

Me: “Would you say most of the crowd that was there was against mask mandates and forced vaccinations?” Tick: “A majority of the crowd? Yes.”

Me: “Do you have issues with the constitutionality of vaccine passports and forced vaccinations…it seems to be against the Constitution and as an elected official it is kind of your job to defend it?” Tick: “I don’t think it’s against the Constitution, I think the Constitution allows it.”

Me: What about medical freedom, religious and consciences objection, there are things in the Constitution that (say) you can’t, on top of the fact this isn’t FDA approved it’s still experimental…and you haven’t addressed the people with natural immunity and they’re being forced to take a vaccine that’s going to have side effects when they have natural immunity…what’s your stance on that?” Tick: “That’s just a price we have to pay.” Me: “Our freedom?! Oh ok.

Me: So you’re going to go against the will of the People and pretty much everyone in your own county, and the Constitution, and Science, and you’re going to push forced vaccinations on human beings with an untested product…is that you’re final stance?” Tick: “……..yes.”

This is what happens when fraud keeps corrupt politicians in their seats and they no longer have to care or concern themselves with what voters actually want or need. Despite constantly pushing for socialism, Tick Segerblum doesn’t actually seem to know what that word means….

Got tested for covid? That’s socialism! (No, it’s just a test.) The city subsidized a football team to spur (the capitalist) economy? That’s socialism! Someone donated supplies? That’s socialism! (No, that’s charity.) Socialism is forced and charity exists due to the success of capitalism. You literally have to rob from people to give to others to make socialism “work.” But I digress, the most concerning post he retweeted had to do with using covid to push Marxism, which is becoming more and more clear is his plan.

Tick has been called one of the most “liberal” Democrats in the state, pushing for such “progressive” ideas as giving drug addicts free places to shoot up on the tax payer’s dime, legalizing the sex trade, and renaming McCarran airport after Harry Reid…one of the worst, most corrupt senators in Nevada’s history. He’s also concerned about cow farts…because who isn’t that a top priority for in these trying economic times:

Since Tick Segerblum doesn’t believe Nevada voter’s opinions matter, and that he knows what’s best for the state even if it goes against science, the Constitution, and what’s good for the economy….maybe he just needs more “input” from the public:

Tick Segerblom – District E. County Commissioner. (702) 455-3503

If you’d like to participate in demanding as audit in Nevada to be rid of these frauds, you can find directions at the bottom of the article “here” and the PDF file for the affidavit “here.”

Since I’ve been kicked off Twitter for posting proof of election fraud, you can follow me on either through my telegram or uncensored on GAB which you can bookmark through the DuckDuckGo app for easy access at @AmericanAFMindy

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Al Jalakik
Al Jalakik
1 year ago

It’s hilarious watching you conservatives turn on each other so now you don’t trust anyone especially your own government. Trump isn’t going to run again. He’s too old and a complete failure politically and you’re too divided to vote him back in. You’re losing your looks too, Mindy. But im sure they’ll still cast you in Clown Motel 3-8. Your “acting” career is a joke. That Roe V Wade was a lame attempt at drama. Well at least you’re a legend from your stripper days. Haha