Nervous Nancy Confuses Article II With Second Amendment While Trying To Attack Trump

The Republican-controlled Senate voted last Wednesday to acquit President Donald Trump on both articles of impeachment.

Soon after her impeachment witch hunt blew up in her face, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried insulting the presiden over remarks he made referencing Article II of the Constitution but stumbled and called it the Second Amendment instead.

When asked if she would support House committee chairmen sending subpoenas for former White House national security adviser John Bolton to testify, the California Democrat replied that Trump should be held to oversight.

“Our purpose in all of this, in addition to holding him accountable, so he stops doing what he’s doing and no future president thinks she or he could have liberty to take us away from a republic if you can keep it to a Second Amendment enables me to do whatever I want — no. That’s not what our Constitution is about,” Pelosi said.

Article II of the Constitution establishes the powers and defines the executive branch of the federal government, among other issues, while the Second Amendment establishes an individual’s right to bear arms.

Watch the blunderous video below:

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