NBC Tries to Blame Trump for Ralph Northam Blackface Scandal

It’s literally the democrat playbook. Divide, divide, divide, and then divide some more. When that doesn’t work, scream racism and point the finger.

Yesterday on The Today Show, they brought on a pair of left-wing MSNBC political analysts to react to the growing racial scandal em-battling Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam.

While they both condemned the matter, and said it was offensive, they also argued that President Trump was somehow to blame for the controversy?

Wait, what? You mean the President is to blame for Ralph Northam being a racist and dressing up in Blackface or a KKK outfit? This was in his 1984 college yearbook page… How exactly is President Trump to blame for this puppets?

Glaude replied: “I think it has something to do with what Donald Trump has unleashed. It has something to do with the reservoir that’s underneath our politics that can always be activated at any moment….it’s always underneath. It’s the undertow.”

Talking to Princeton University Professor Eddie Glaude, a regular pundit for MSNBC, co-host Craig Melvin wondered: “This is the third such incident that’s surfaced over the past, I think, three or four weeks….when did blackface become a thing again? Why does it seem as if blackface is all of a sudden front and center in America again? What’s happening?”

The incidents that Melvin cited included Northam’s scandal, from three decades ago, and the newly-elected Florida Secretary of State stepping down over revelations that he wore blackface as part of a costume over a decade ago. It’s not clear how Donald Trump could possibly have been responsible for either offensive display.

You can read more from our friends at Newsbusters.org

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