NBC Reporter Shares Video Of VA Pro-Gun Rally Doing ‘Scary’ Chant — It’s The Pledge Of Allegiance

The media has become so anti-Trump in every aspect of their jobs that hearing the Pledge of Allegiance is now apparently a “scary” chant.

NBC News reporter Gabe Gutierrez was slammed for tweeting a video Monday that he said showed the pro-gun protesters outside the Virginia Capitol chanting, “We will not comply.”

However, in the clip that Gutierrez shared, the peaceful protesters in Richmond could clearly be heard reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Conservative Twitter commentators quickly pointed out the error, with many accusing Gutierrez of trying to falsely portray the rally as threatening.

“It’s the Pledge of Allegiance,” said National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

“Protesters recite the pledge of allegiance, NBC reporter hears ‘we will not comply,’ said The Blaze’s Jason Howerton. “Sounds about right.”

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Mabel Ann Curran
Mabel Ann Curran
3 years ago

She’s an evil old bag.