NBC News: An ‘Unprecedented’ Crisis, as Many as ‘400,000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS’ Heading to the U.S. Border (VIDEO)

That’s right, the idiot in the White House and his band of merry men and women couldn’t care less about the crisis at the southern border. According to NBC News, the Biden Administration says they are expecting as many as 400,000 illegal immigrants to cross the border in October.

Let’s stop calling them migrants, they are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and are entering the United States of America ILLEGALLY. Anyone else tired of these tyrants acting like these folks aren’t breaking the law? They are absolutely breaking the law, and America is the only country in the world dumb enough to allow this to keep happening.

“A warning this evening that as many as 400,000 migrants, an unprecedented number could cross into this country next month,” Lester Holt announced.

This is a 21-year high, showing that the Biden Administration is truly the worst in at least two decades, if not longer.


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