NBA Says They Are Now Recommending Booster Shots for Players, Coaches, and Referees

Who didn’t see this coming? The NBA is recommending the Covid-19 vaccine booster to its players after the issue had mostly just died down.

As you know by now Brooklyn Nets start point guard Kyrie Irving is the only player truly impacted by refusing the jab, and he has yet to play a game this season.

According to the league, around 97% of the league are fully vaccinated.

As the NBA season now approaches its third week of the regular season, now the topic of vaccines is back in the news, and they want to introduce and encourage boosters.

That’s right, the NBA is now telling its players, coaches, and referees that they should receive a COVID-19 booster shot, particularly players that received the Johnson & Johnson shot. You know, because one jab is bad, three is good..

It will always be another shot, another booster, another jab… When will people see it?

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1 year ago

Lets see how eager the players are to get the next one, the next one, the next one.