NBA Ratings Continue to Fall, Down 45% Since 2012 Thanks to the ‘Woke’ Left

One of the biggest mistakes that professional sports teams can make is to pick a side in politics, yet all of the major sports continue to play Russian roulette with their ratings and fate.

The woke left-wing radicals are literally so loud and annoying that they are dictating American culture, despite being a small group that doesn’t represent the majority of the nation.

Most fans use sports as a way to get away from life, stress, and politics in general. These major organizations from the NFL, MLB, and now NBA have taken that joy away from fans just as producers and directors have ruined movies.

They watch to get away, not to be lectured. Now these groups are paying the ultimate price.

The following is from our friends at Outkick:

Self-inflicted wounds are purposely ignored until they can’t be. For the NBA, that moment is inching closer.

Coming into the 2020-21 season, NBA games on ABC — the league’s most important partner — were down 45% since 2011-12. On cable, it’s only slightly less damning. NBA broadcasts on TNT were down 40% and 20% on ESPN.

To stick with more recent trends, the past two NBA Finals crashed to double-digit declines, with the most recent falling down 51% to an all-time record low. Last season’s NBA on ABC games fit that same category, recording the lowest average (2.95 million) on record. According to The Athletic’s Ethan Strauss, that record will break once again this season.

“Eventually, it will be official: The NBA again lost viewership on its ABC games, down from last season’s all-time low,” Strauss writes. “Based on how this average drops as the season moves along (it starts off highest after the Christmas games bonanza), we can safely project that the ABC games will finish at a mark that’s lower than last season.”

Will they ever wise up America, or are they doomed to ruin sports for the majority of Americans and themselves forever?

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