NBA Players Hold RIDICULOUS Game 5 Boycott Over Kenosha Police Shooting, Blake Had Felony Arrest Warrant, Had Been Arrested for Pulling Gun in Past

What we are now seeing in America is an absolute out of control dumpster fire of epic proportions. Celebrity athletes outraged and making everything about race. There was nothing racially motivated about the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

You can clearly watch it all on video. Police were called to a domestic violence complaint, Blake had a felony arrest warrant out for him. Police had been in run ins with Blake before, knew he was violent and volatile. Black refused orders from the police to stop moving. Blake had a knife on him, Blake went to his vehicle while officers had guns drawn, refusing to stop, or to listen to them. Then Blake started digging into his vehicle looking for what? Possibly another weapon? He was then shot after Tasers didn’t work.

Newsflash for all of you social justice warriors out there. Police have an obligation to make it hope to their wives and children. This faux outrage in America when someone breaks the law over and over again, and then ends up shot has to end. It’s ridiculous and absolutely asinine that people can’t see the facts in front of them.

Here’s the video for you to see with your own eyes:

The person who shot the video, Raysean White, told CNN that before he began filming, he saw police wrestle, punch and Taser Mr Blake.

It was then he started recording. Mr Blake is shown walking around the front of the SUV. The two officers closest to Mr Blake at this point on the video are white males.

As he opens the door and leans into the car, one officer can be seen grabbing his shirt and opening fire. Seven shots can be heard in the video, as witnesses shout and scream.

Mr White told the AP news agency that he heard police officers shout “Drop the knife!” before gunfire erupted, but said he didn’t see a knife in Mr Blake’s hands.

Police said that officers had provided immediate aid to Mr Blake, who was taken to a hospital in Milwaukee afterwards.

Here’s new video from yesterday showing Black assaulting the police.

Jacob Blake was wanted on an outstanding warrant for a felony sex crime charge & more. A woman called 911 & asked for help because Blake showed up at her home.

Independent Journalist Andy Ngo published the raw police scanner audio from August 23rd.

Here’s more amazing things on Blake’s felonious past.

Then you have celebrity athletes like Lebron James saying idiocies like this.


You demand change? Change from what Lebron, obeying the damn law? The man is a career criminal who was assaulting a police officer who had a felony warrant for SEXUAL ASSAULT. But you do you Lebron, you keep playing the victim so well for so many people. Lying Rhetoric like this is embarrassing to the NBA, and to professional sports in general.

Kevin Love, James former teammate made this moronic remark.

So how did the spoiled NBA superstars celebrate a convicted felon with a felony arrest warrant for sexual assault. That same felon who didn’t listen to police, assaulted an officer in newly released video, went to his vehicle and went for a weapon, oh and he had a knife. They boycotted a playoff game over it.

These people are beyond certifiable. America are you tired of this idiocy yet?

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2 years ago

Done with the racist card! When these people start behaving like decent citizens who actually care about their neighbors and law and order, maybe then they will be treated with some sort of respect. And as far as the NBA, NFL etc who needs them, let them start their own black only leagues.