NBA Fans Wear ‘Build The Wall’ Jersey at Game, Snowflakes Melt

At last weeks Sacramento Kings basketball game, two Kings fans decided to wear pro Trump jerseys.

One of the jersey’s said “Trump” and the other jersey said “Build The Wall.”

What started out as a joke, turned into an all out snowflake meltdown from the Left.

Here is what The Sacramento Bee reported.

Outrage at the men followed in social media comments. Some users called it offensive to Kings fans who were trying to enjoy the game, claiming “Build the Wall” is an inherently racist phrase, while others defended the jerseys as expressions of free speech and said they did not do any harm.

Popular Sacramento radio sports commentator David Weiglein, also known as Carmichael Dave, in several tweets referred to the two fans as “clowns.”

Pretty funny, right? Well, liberals all across America voiced their outrage for the harmless jerseys. They took to Twitter to discuss their outrage.

Facing backlash, check out what Daniel Goldsmith, the wearer of the “Build The Wall” jersey, said.

Daniel Goldsmith who wore the “build the wall” jersey told the Sacramento Bee that he wore the shirt as a joke and that he doesn’t “have enough knowledge about politics to have any sort of opinion.”

“At the venue nobody really said anything except smiles and laughs, they thought it was funny,” Goldsmith told the Bee. “Nobody really had any opinions until the next day when I saw my phone and it was blowing up on Twitter.”

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