NBA Bans Term Owner, Replaces with Governor over Racial Insensitivity..

You read the headline right, it’s exactly what it says it is.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has banned the term owner because it’s racially insensitive. They have decided to replace the name with governor.

This came in Thursday per NBA commissioner Adam Silver. This isn’t a joke as Clay Travis point out in his tweet below.

The politically correct idiot sticks are ruining America. That’s not a joke anymore either. They are pissed off and offended by anything and everything. Enough is enough.

If you hate America so bad, why are you here? Stop trying to change everything about America. If you dislike it so much, then leave.

What are your thoughts on this nonsense?

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RL Bostic
RL Bostic
2 years ago

There are no words to described this idiosy What a joke. Well I own my company and employ a fine diverse group of people. I however will continue to refer to myself as the “owner”. If anyone has a problem with that, I welcome the challenge.