Nazism – 101 Chastising the Historically Illiterate


I will forever consider myself a student of history.  Although American history has always been my primary focus, global history intrigues me as well.  Learning from past failures and successes seems to be a completely foreign concept with many people today however.

History it seems, is particularly lost on today’s youth who are either not taught history to begin with, or are subjected to “revisionist doctrine”.  I don’t expect people to know every historical tidbit, date, time and location of events — I’m not aware of too many people who can memorize it all!  However, a general understanding of events throughout time shouldn’t be too much to expect of graduating High-School students.

This short snippet, as you will soon realize, is more about chastising those historically challenged individuals who tend to succumb to the mainstream media propaganda machine and social media trends.   For the purpose of this particular piece, I’m going to focus on true dictatorial fascism in, oh I don’t know — Germany between 1939 and 1945 perhaps?

What happened in Germany during that time you may ask?  Well, there was a guy named Hitler whose regime perpetuated atrocities so heinous, they will be the topic of heated discussions for millennia to come.  Atrocities that no man, woman or child should ever have to endure.  Atrocities so bad that governments have built monuments and museums so that no one will ever forget!  Books have been written and documentaries produced specifically for the purpose of outlining these horrendous events.

This was a time that required superhuman effort and ultimate sacrifice by men, who by most accounts, were just boys at the time.  A Herculean endeavor by a generation of rough-and-tumble individuals who didn’t know that giving-up was ever an option.  The “Greatest Generation”!

I encourage anyone reading this to do some actual research on people like Josef Mengele, or what occurred in places like Auschwitz, Gross-Rosen, Dachau, Mauthausen, Stutthof and too many others to list here, (there were literally thousands of concentration camps by the end of the war).  In April of 1945, as American troops began liberating the concentration camps, Bill Barrett, a journalist with the U.S. Army, described what he saw:

“There were about a dozen bodies in a dirty boxcar, men and women alike.  They had gone without food for so long that their dead wrists appeared as broomsticks tipped with claws. These were victims of a deliberate starvation diet”.


If you have read this far, (not difficult as this was short), you have probably figured out where this is going.  When one uses the term “Nazi” or “fascist” as flippantly and irresponsibly as many on the left do, it completely diminishes what the victims of true Nazism experienced and spits directly in the eye of all our servicemen who stared true evil in the face — many of whom would never return home.

I believe it’s a safe bet that most of the social justice warriors who relentlessly use their nonsensical, Alinsky-ish “war-words” to try to discredit conservatives would run crying to their mommas while simultaneously pissing themselves should they ever come face to face with an actual WW-II “Nazi” who wants to annihilate them and their entire family.

The lefts comparison of Trump-supporting conservatives to “fascists” or “Nazis” is disingenuous at the very least and is insulting to our “Greatest Generation” as well, many of whom are Trump supporters!

Oh, and if you have ever muttered the idiotic phrase, “Trump is literally Hitler”, I rest my case, you should feel ashamed and this article is definitely for you!


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3 years ago

My uncles liberated Dachau. I have very strong feeling about people loosely throwing around Nazi allegations. I blame this primarily on college professors who are not properly teaching our kids, followed up by our leaders who don’t stop the rhetoric. I encourage everyone to educate themselves on Nazism and politely share what you have learned. Thank you for addressing this misunderstood issue.