Navy SEALS Swim Across Hudson River to Honor Anniversary of September 11th

A team of United States Navy SEALS and veterans swam across the Hudson River to commemorate September 11. Saturday, at least 200 people participated in the event hosted that was hosted by non-profit GI Go Fund to honor the 20 years since the September 11 attacks.

The swimmers reportedly stopped twice throughout the event to do 100 push-ups in honor of the nation’s liberties.

They also did 22 pull-ups each stop in recognition of the 22 veterans who commit suicide each day.

“It’s important that we remember, you know, the losses that many families and many people experienced,” expressed G1 Go Fund CFO Alex Manis. “It’s also important that we honor those who responded to the tragedy, who responded their nation’s call to service and especially those who did not make it home. We want to make sure that everybody knows that they’re never forgotten.”

The swim was also to commemorate the ten years since Extortion 17, where 38 service men and crew were shot down in a Navy SEAL helicopter.

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