National Security Surveillance Court (FISA) Finds FBI Regularly Does Not Follow Rules

Well look what we have here. More corruption by the FBI, say it isn’t so.

The following is from Fox News:

The largely secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court identified ‘widespread violations’ concerning improper searches for information on American citizens.

The top United States federal court that oversees national security surveillance has found that the FBI regularly does not follow rules meant to protect the privacy of the American people.

The pattern was revealed while searching through emails that were gathered without a warrant, according to a December ruling declassified Friday.

Additionally, the ruling stated that despite identifying “widespread violations” by analysts conducting these searches, a judge still approved the warrantless surveillance program for another year.

Outlined in a heavily redacted, 83-page document, the ruling was part of the regular certification process for the use of surveillance techniques enabled by Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Those techniques included the warrantless surveillance program that allows the government to collect emails and phone calls from noncitizens abroad even while they are communicating with Americans.

The New York Times first reported the contents of the ruling Saturday after the redacted version was posted to a website run by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

You can read more of this insanity at Fox News. Meanwhile, can someone show me in the Constitution where it says it’s okay to have “secret courts” from the American people?

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