National Guard to Keep 7,000 Troops in Washington, D.C. Until March Officials Say

The National Guard says they will be keeping 7,000 troops in Washington, D.C. until March. Remember when they were infuriated that President Donald J. Trump wanted to have troops in D.C. to protect our national monuments, treasures, and the White House? Strange isn’t it?

The National Guard Bureau is assisting states with coordination and the logistics of returning troops safely to their homes. With almost 26,000 troops providing support from 50 states, three territories and the District of Columbia, approximately 10,600 remain on duty at this time.

The planning and process may take several days, but arrangements are being made to return close to 15,000 troops as soon as possible and should conclude within a five to 10-day period.

Demobilization is involved with equipment turn-in and accountability, travel arrangements, COVID screening and mitigation. Troops will leave by ground transportation, airlift provided by the Air National Guard and contracted commercial air as necessary.

Some agencies are requesting continuity of operations, additional support and recuperation time for their forces to regroup. Approximately 7,000 National Guard personnel are anticipated to provide that assistance through the end of the month.

For information regarding this press release, please send an email to:

  • National Guard Bureau Media Operations
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2 years ago

My son is there, extended until March. He said there were more than 25k, closer to 41k troops before states started calling them back. He is not low ranking and still has no idea why they are needed. Said they’re doing nothing at all and that they were treated better and had better accommodations in Afghanistan.