National Guard Mobilized in Philadelphia as Riots Over Justified Police Shooting Continue by Rioters & Looters

The Governor of Pennsylvania has mobilized the National Guard to Philadelphia in response to civil unrest after a police shooting on Monday. A Black man charging after police with a knife was shot and killed, and apparently that’s reason to riot. It’s all on video, but let’s not turn down an opportunity to be criminals, right America?

The following is from our friends at The Epoch Times.

The Pennsylvania National Guard was mobilized in Philadelphia in a bid to quell riots and unrest following overnight violence that left around 30 officers injured in the wake of an officer-involved shooting death of a black man who was allegedly armed with a knife.

Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, has mobilized the National Guard to Philadelphia in response to the unrest that started on Monday evening, officials told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Several hundred guardsmen are slated to be deployed within the next 24 to 48 hours, confirmed Lt. Col. Keith Hickox, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania National Guard.

Hickox said the Guard will assist police in “protecting life, property, and the right to peacefully assemble and protest.” He said their role would be similar to the role played during the George Floyd protests and riots in Philadelphia earlier this year.

Pennsylvania National Guard “members are well-trained and well-prepared to assist the commonwealth and its communities in any way they can,” a spokesperson for Wolf told the paper.

Police arrested 91 rioters on Monday night, and 30 police officers were injured in the rioting. According to sources reporting late Tuesday night, there are still not enough police and guardsmen to handle the looting and rioters.

You can read more from our friends at The Epoch Times.

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1 year ago

These riots are becoming more and more violent and dangerous to the police especially because the police are limited in what they can use to protect themselves and still do what their supposed to do. Also these situations are just a cop out excuse for these crazies to demolish stores and get some more “free” stuff. It’s a disgrace and has even come to the point where so called peaceful protests shouldn’t be allowed period.