Nancy Pelosi Just Told A Lie So Big That the Media Just Fact-Checked Her

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told a lie so egregious that even the liberal media called her out for it.

Back in September, Pelosi spread a woefully inaccurate tweet about the actual number of children killed with firearms each year.

Her goal was to push more anti-gun propaganda, but the Washington Post fact-checked her on Thursday and gave her four Pinocchios for a “bogus talking point.”

Below is the tweet in question:

Pelosi has repeatedly claimed that 47 percent of gun deaths were “teenagers or children,” according to the Post. 

CDC data show the real number is closer to 9 percent, meaning she exaggerates the true number by more than five-fold. 

This discrepancy led the Post to assign Pelosi’s claim the harshest rating on its fact-checking scale.

“For months, in speeches, news conferences, tweets and interviews, Pelosi has been using a version of an incorrect talking point to make the firearms death toll for teenagers and children appear significantly higher than reality,” the fact-check read. 

“When we queried her staff, we were told she had simply misspoken. But that was false, too,” WaPo added.

However, that number would amount to 43 percent of gun deaths, still very far from the CDC’s findings.

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1 year ago

OK, four Pinocchios. How many for Trump just today?