NAMASTE TRUMP: President Trump Delivers Historic Speech in India with PM Modi, 110,000+ in Attendance

What a day for President Trump as more than 110,000 people poured into a cricket stadium in Ahmedabad, India to hear him speak along with Indian Prime Minister Modi.

The rally, titled “Namaste Trump,” was a sequel to the “Howdy, Modi” event Trump held with prime minister Narendra Modi in Houston last September.

Trump announced that he was signing deals to sell over $3 billion in state of the art military helicopters and equipment to the Indian Armed Forces.

“I am pleased to announce that tomorrow our representatives will sign deals to sell over $3 billion in the absolute finest state of the art military helicopters and other equipment to the Indian armed forces,” Trump said.

Trump’s motorcade passed seemingly endless crowds in Ahmedabad with many cheering and waving American flags on the way to the 110,000 capacity Sardar Patel Stadium where the rally was conducted.

Large billboards were spread throughout the route showing Modi alongside Trump and his wife Melania.

“The United States and India are also firmly united in our iron-clad resolve to defend our citizens from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump said. “Both of our countries have been hurt by the pain and turmoil of terrorism and that terrorism brings.”

“India will soon be the home of the biggest middle class anywhere in the world,” Trump said. “And within less than 10 years, extreme poverty in your country is projected to completely disappear. The potential for India is absolutely incredible.”

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