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Nadler & Schiff in Panic Over DOJ Criminal Investigation into Mueller Probe

My how the winds of Justice have changed direction.

As we first reported the Department of Justice has opened a criminal investigation into the Mueller Probe, lead by US Attorney John Durham.

Now Congressmen Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff have released a joint statement on Twitter in regards to the DOJ announced criminal investigations.

If the Department of Justice may be used as a tool of political retribution, or to help the President with a political narrative for the next election, the rule of law will suffer new and irreparable damage.
Joint statement w/ @RepAdamSchiff

This is a developing story.

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1 year ago

wow, now they are panic, since last 3 years they are framing Trump which they did, whole their party & Hillary, Obama, Brennen, Comey, Clapper, McCabe, trying to coup & overthrow him. Now their crimes coming out…. and hope these all will be jal, and some will get punishment of treason.

1 year ago

Someone doesn’t want the real facts exposed.

Ed Panzella
Ed Panzella
1 year ago

I sense no panic in that statement….good onr

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