MUST WATCH: James Comey Admits that FBI Gave FISA Court False Information

James Comey admitting that the FBI wasn’t being forthcoming? Say it isn’t so America.

James Comey admits that the FBI gave the FISA court false information so that it could spy on President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign!

It’s either incompetence or corruption by James Comey – nothing in-between as concluded by Mr Horowitz in his IG report – so which is it? I’m going with corruption based on Jimmy Comey clearing Hillary Clinton. Comey took a side and is absolutely corrupt. –Tony Shaffer

Michael Horowitz concludes in his IG report that three separate teams made errors in FISA application process. James Comey responds on FOX News Sunday: “As Director you are responsible for this.”

You can watch the bombshell interview below.

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