MUST WATCH! Dan Crenshaw Explains Dishonest Pre Existing Conditions Bill (VIDEO)

If you’re wondering about bills and how corrupt and dishonest the Democrats are being, watch this video that former Navy SEAL & Congressman Dan Crenshaw put out.

Crenshaw explains that the Trump Administration and Republicans are all about protecting “pre-existing conditions“, and even explains how they’ve found ways to do so.

This bill they are voting on Friday is nothing more than a sham to try to claim Republicans are against protecting those with “pre-existing conditions.”

“This is one of the most dishonest bills we have passed out of the House.

A purposefully mislabeled bill on “pre-existing conditions” meant to mislead Americans and limit choice and innovation in healthcare.

Don’t believe the spin,

here’s my explanation:

Wouldn’t it be great if more congressional members explained things like this to their constituents?

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