MUST READ: A Story About a Great Attorney, Texan, and Senator, That Man is Ted Cruz

If you live in the United States, and especially in the Houston area of Texas, you may remember in 1993, when 2 young girls, Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena, ages 14 and 16, were murdered.

​They were walking home one evening and were abducted, brutally raped and murdered by the members of a gang.

​The men were caught and tried, found guilty and all except two, who were juveniles, were sentenced to death.  

One of the men had lived here illegally most of his life.  A few years later the United Nations World Court with sixty countries siding with them and said Texas violated the man’s rights by not informing him of right to contact his consulate.

President George Bush and Secretary Condi Rice ordered Texas to release him to keep peace with the United Nations.

The parents of those girls were so shocked and devastated that this man would go free.  Now Texas Governor Greg Abbott was the state Attorney General of Texas at that time. Abbott sent one of his junior attorneys (Solicitor General) to argue before the Supreme Court.

This young attorney went before the Supreme Court to argue for them to not allow this this murderer to go free.  This Texas attorney argued that the Constitution clearly states that the United States is a sovereign nation and no other nation has jurisdiction over our laws.

All 60 countries were arguing against this one attorney from Texas.  He won the case, and Texas executed the offender in 2005.  That junior attorney (Solicitor General) who fought the Supreme Court, 60 countries, and the media was none other then now Senator Ted Cruz.

This is a story that doesn’t get told often in media circles, but it damn sure should! Cruz is a true Patriot, and as ardent a Patriot as You and I.

I truly wish we had more like him in our United States Senate.  Thank-you, Mr. Cruz.

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