MSNBC’s Morning Joe Team Horrified AOC May Get Trump Reelected

As many of you know, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the freshman Congresswoman from New York worked her magic to stop a massive Amazon growth deal in her district.

Ocasio-Cortez lead the charge and cost the city of New York 25,000 jobs and almost $30 Billion dollars. Not to mention all of the jobs and growth that would have been created around a 2nd Amazon headquarters in New York.

“The protests that we saw were to get on AOC’s bandwagon. And what’s shocking to me is yet once again she shows how little she understands, about not just economics, but even unemployment,” show mainstay Susan Del Percio said. “Just because she has a progressive agenda, which some people like, does not mean she has the city’s best interests. What she showed me today, or yesterday, is that she only cares about herself.”

“You attach this to the Green Deal and … President Trump now gets to go: ‘Oh, the Democrats don’t want jobs, the Democrats doesn’t want companies coming to your neighborhoods, the Democrats have a Green Deal that wants a 70% tax rate, … socialism. We are in a dangerous place and if people in the party doesn’t start to speak up against people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is young and dynamic but does not know what she’s talking about, they’re going to hand the presidency back to Donald Trump“, said Donny Deutsch.

I happpen to agree with the team on Morning Joe, she’s a gift to the conservatives, and she’s going to play a pivotal role in President Trump’s reelection in 2020.

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