MSNBC’s Morning Joe Mocks Howard Shultz Over Not Knowing Price of Cheerios

When the left has an agenda, no one had better get in their way. That includes former Democrat and Starbucks Founder/CEO Howard Schultz.

Schultz is making the rounds on liberal media outlets as he plans an independent run for the Presidency. Democrats of course are scared to death that Schultz will pull possible voters from them, and give Trump an easier path to reelection.

This morning Schultz went on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and was grilled and attacked for not knowing the price of Cheerios. Of course captain
Eggs Benedict himself Scarborough was quick to attack the former Starbucks CEO.

I have no clue a box of Cheerios cost either. I literally just throw everything into a shopping cart online, or in the store, and it totals up. I eat Honey Nut Cheerios, I find them healthy and delicious. Not knowing the exact cost of a box of Cheerios means nothing.

Thanks for the entertainment Joe and Mika, keep up the dynamite Journalism…

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