Ms. Nevada Stripped of Crown for Supporting Trump

More news this morning from the tolerant left.

The pro-Trump winner of Ms. Nevada 2019 claims she was stripped of her title — and kicked out of the upcoming Ms. America pageant — for supporting conservative views in social media.

Katie Williams, 29, who was crowned in April, said in a video posted on Facebook that she was disqualified Sunday from the Ms. America competition, which is scheduled for Saturday.

“I just don’t understand how you can censor someone with conservative values when I’m not even really saying anything that’s bad,” Williams said in the post. “If I had more liberal views, less conservative views, this wouldn’t be an issue.”

In a statement, the Ms. America Pageant said Williams is “distorting the facts” about her disqualification.

“All the pageant asked of Ms. Williams, in writing, is to keep separate social media accounts. (ie: Facebook) One is for politics where she can voice her own opinion as Katie Williams and the other is a new Facebook page for the pageant representing Ms. Nevada State 2019,” the statement reads.

“She could be a President Trump supporter on her Personal Facebook page all she wants for everyone to read. However, the Ms. Nevada Facebook Page should be devoid of political content,” it adds.

You can read more from our friends at The New York Post.

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