Mountain Dew Releases New Halloween Mystery Flavor ‘VooDew’

The rumors were true! Mountain Dew has indeed upped their game and released this year’s Halloween special – VooDew after Pitch Black.

The 2019 special titled VooDew is a mystery flavor and if you want to know how it tastes like, you’ll have to try it yourself.

The cover of the bottle is dressed in colors of Halloween and features a creepy cloak man who has just bones for fingers.

Since it is a fall special, the first guess of the flavor totally goes to the drink being something ‘pumpkin’ but maybe it is something lemony?

This is considering the color of Dew is unlike any Dew we have seen so far and is a milky translucent.

The bottles are still not ten a penny but are slowly starting to show up across stores as they were released this August 14.

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