Mothers UNLOAD on Dems at Senate Hearing Held for Mastriano’s ‘Parental Bill of Rights’ to Protect Children [GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT WARNING]

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano isn’t just talking, he’s actually walking the walk. His new Bill 996 is set to protect the rights of parents to protect their children from a rogue government and education system that looks to destroy them.

Mastriano introduced the “Parental Bill fo Rights” at the end of 2021. In a memo to Senate members on November 15, Mastriano said, “I will be introducing legislation to enumerate the rights of parents and legal guardians to direct the upbringing, education, and healthcare of their child.”

On October 18, several Pennsylvanian mothers let their opinions be heard, and boy did they ever. They explained why the bill is so needed during the hearing to protect children.

“We’ve been labeled domestic terrorists for speaking at school board meetings, we’ve had defamatory statements printed about us in the newspaper, we’ve been ridiculed and called countless names,” said Megan Brock, a mom from Bucks County.

No One – Not A Single One of Us – Regrets Not Taking It Women’s Hoodie

Other parents said they were rebuked and attacked for not only questioning the moronic mask mandates that didn’t work and don’t work, but they were also rebuked for questioning what is being taught regarding race and gender identity in schools as well.

Let’s get something straight, these women don’t care about whether it’s LGBTQ or straight, the point is NO ONE should be allowing this kind of teaching and sexualization to children outside the home. This is criminal, completely criminal.

“Why doesn’t the school acknowledge that a girl has a right to feel uncomfortable in a restroom or changing in a locker room in front of a boy,” asked Maria Ault, a Lehigh County mom.

Felisha Readman, who filed a federal lawsuit on August 24 against Governor Wolf, Attorney General Shapiro, and others in the state of Pennsylvania for refusing to remove porn based books available to minors in public schools started off by just obliterating the argument from PA Dems.

Readman who the mainstream media and press refuse to acknowledge because she’s suing and fighting to help save the children, read from some of the books, and it was so graphic and so bad that the Committee Chairman asked her to stop reading. Yet these clowns in the Teachers Unions, Department of Education, Democrats, and teachers defend this criminal behavior.

“I filed a federal lawsuit on August 24th on Governor Wolf, Attorney General Shapiro, and 20 other defendants for dismissing my appeals to remove graphic sexually explicit material from my minor sons public school library. Books available throughout Pennsylvania Public Schools and the nation.”

She goes on to quote from Democrat leaning Supreme Court Justices O’Conner, Justice Ginsberg, and Justice Breyer wrote, and I quote, “The interest of parents and the care, custody, and control of their children is perhaps the oldest fundamental liberty interest recognized by this court. Choices parents make about the upbringing of their children are among associated rights. Sheltered by the 14th amendment against the states unwanted usurpation, disregard, and disrespect. The court further wrote The federal constitution permits a state to interfere with this right only to prevent harm or potential harm of a child.”

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However she was just getting warmed up. She goes into detail on how what the State of Pennsylvania, Department of Education, School Boards, Teachers Unions, and teachers are doing is actually criminal and breaking the law.

Federal Law 18USC, Section 1470, Transfer of Obscene Materials to Minors states, “Whoever knowingly transfers obscene material to another individual who has not attained the age of 16 years, knowing that such individual has not attained the age of 16 years, or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title imprisoned not more than 10 years or both.”

Federal Law 18USC Section 1466A obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children states: Any person who knowingly produces, distributes, receives or possess with intent to distribute a visual depiction of any kind, including a drawing, a cartoon that depicts a minor engaging in explicit sexual conduct and is obscene, or depicts an image that is or appears to be of a minor engaging in graphic sexual intercourse, including genital genital, oral to genital, anal to genital, or oral anal between persons of the same or opposite sex, and I’ll add are going to jail.”

The most powerful part is when she starts to read the titles of the books, it’s absolutely disturbing, and it’s so bad that the Chairman stops her.

“What does state sponsored child abuse look like, ‘Gender Queer in my sons library,’ ‘child on child oral sex,’ ‘pedophilia, a grown man grabbing the penis of an adolescent,’ ‘Fun Home’ cartoons of adult women engaged in vaginal oral sex, can you see that from here because I have blow ups if you need it. ‘Tantric Sex’ coaching oral sex, anal sex, vaginal and penis stimulation, and the desecration of the Star of David. Here you see a man with his finger in the vagina of a women. ‘Push’ graphic detail of a female child repeatedly raped by her father, an African American child Senator Sharif.”

Watch the Exclusive Video below: ***EXTREME GRAPHIC SEXUAL WARNING***

“We’re in an environment where evil is called good and good is called evil. Where it seems like that parents are co-parenting with the government and that’s just not the way it should be,” said Mastriano.

Democrat Sharif Street objected to the hearing, calling it one-sided. “We should have heard from both sides. That didn’t happen today,” said Street.

Senate Bill 996 is not likely to be signed into Pennsylvania law until after the midterm elections or in the next few months as Democrat Governor Tom Wolf would likely veto it. It’s likely the Republican led Senate would wait until Mastriano is Governor to pass the bill so they could ensure its passage.

You can watch the video below, and it’s very graphics! WARNING GRAPHIC WARNING!!

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Stev Cra
Stev Cra
23 days ago

Authors of those books should have to read a loud to their kids the entire book.
Authors should also have their parents attend the reading.
Child Protective Agency’s Nationwide should raid each school and remove this material.
Charges to schools and school boards who allowed this material should be long term prison sentences.