Morning Joe’s Mika “You’re Done” to Fire & Fury Author Michael Wolff on The Morning Joe MSNBC show (Video)

Mika Brzezinski Co Host of The Morning Joe show on MSNBC slammed Author Michael Wolff about his comments towards UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. Wolff who claims that Haley was having an affair with President Trump and has zero evidence of such a claim was given a good dose of his own medicine this morning.

‘You might be having a fun time playing a little game dancing around this, but you’re slurring a woman,’ Brzezinski told Wolff before cutting him off and going to a commercial break. ‘It’s disgraceful. Wolff continues to lose credibility of his fictional book slandering President Trump from both the right and the left.

You can watch the full Interaction below from MSNBC’s Morning Joe Show.

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FINALLY. I can agree with Mika.

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