MONSTERS: Black Teens Brutally Beat Hispanic Woman in Boston for Having ‘Black’ Hairstyle (VIDEO) *Graphic Content Warning*

A Hispanic woman in Boston was brutally, savagely, and viciously attacked by a large group of black teenagers who accused her of having a “black” hairstyle.

Five juveniles have been arrested after the incident Monday. The person who called 9-1-1 reported a group of around 10 to 15 teens attacking the 19-year-old woman, but police said there were around 20 teens when they arrived.

Officer James Gorman described the victim as “in distress and highly animated” when she approached him at the scene.

“In the cellphone video Officer Gorman could observe a group of about 5 individuals who appear to be teenagers all punching and kicking [redacted] numerous times,” the police report stated.

One of the male assailants spit on an officer. A female suspect punched another officer in the face. Another resisted arrest.

“While waiting for Boston EMS to arrive on scene, [redacted] informed Officer Gorman that she was at the intersection of Winter Street and Washington Street when a group of females who appeared younger than her, approached her and began calling her ‘a white b*tch with braids,’” the police report said.

The victim reportedly told the teens she identified as Hispanic and that’s when the teen started swinging because she was “not black.”

Christopher Jackson, who works at a nearby flower stand, witnessed the attack, which he said was unprovoked and brutal.

“There were at least 15 girls chasing after the woman on the bike, and they started pounding on her. They got her down on the ground, and they were holding her down,” Jackson told Boston 25 News.

“Her face was all red and scratched. She got up, and she looked like she didn’t know where she was,” he explained.

Charges for the five arrested include “Delinquent to Wit, Assault and Battery Dangerous Weapon,” which cited a “shod foot” as the weapon, “Delinquent to Wit Assault and Battery,” “Delinquent to Wit Assault and Battery on a Police Officer,” and “Delinquent to Wit, Aiding Escape from Police Custody.”

WATCHING: Graphics Content Warning Below:

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