Money Grind: Donating to Soros: $18Billion Donation to His Tax-Exempt “Charity”

How do you feel about subsidizing a Billionaire?  How do you feel about subsidizing a Billionaire, who nefariously subverts numerous Governments Worldwide for Profit and is now funding the destabilization of the United States of America?

Well that is precisely what YOU are doing via your tax dollars.  

On October 17, 2017, it was disclosed that George Soros has given $18,000,000,000 (BILLION) to his Private Foundation Network.  Open Society Institute “OSI” (OSI: EIN 13-7029285) and Foundation to Promote Open Society “FTPOS” (EIN: 26-3753801), two of the larger charities Soros controls, held at 12/31/15 approximately $10,000,000,000 (BILLION) worth of assets.



These private foundations are part of a network of private foundations and charities which FUND BILLIONS to Soros pet projects, many of which are intended to directly subvert democracies around the world.  Over the last 35 Years, Soros has Funded close to $14,000,000,000 (Billion) to his pet projects.  For 2017 alone, the Soros Foundation OSI has budgeted a minimum of $137,000,000 to the US and $940,700,000 worldwide to promulgate his projects.

  2017 OSI Budget Breakdown

2017 OSI Budget WW

The Prioritization for 2017 of Soros Pet Projects for the U.S. is as follows:

  1. Justice Reform & the Rule of Law
  2. Democratic Practice
  3. Equality & Anti-Discrimination
  4. Health Rights
  5. Human Rights Movements & Institutions

People are concerned by the $18 BILLION tidal wave of funding disclosed in 2017 to OSI and the impact and further destabilization of our nation as we know it.  And they have perfectly good reason to be concerned.  Soros has made a name for himself through market shorts, devaluing local currency via societal destabilization throughout the world for his personal profit.  Two examples of this phenomena are:

  1. 9/16/92: UK-Black Wednesday: Breaking the Bank of England~Soros
    • Soros Gain > $1,000,000,000 in 1 Day
    • Quantum Fund (Soros) Gain:
      • 1.0 Month:   $15 BILLION->$19 BILLION = $4 BILLION
      • 3.5 Months: $15 BILLION->$22 BILLION = $7 BILLION
    • UK Cost: £3.3 BILLION
    • Malaysia Cost: $Billions
    • Political Cost:
      • Lack of confidence in Government
      • John Major-Chancellor of the Exchequer (2nd to Prime Minister-Responsible for all Finance/Economic matters) : Not Reelected
  2. July 1997: Asian Financial CrisisBreaking the Bank of Thailand~Soros
    • Soros Gain: $790,000,000
      • Thai Soros Gain.PNG
    • Open Society-OSI:  Funds Anti SLORC Burma Activist Groups and movement to Legalize Drugs.  OSI is against Burma (Myanmar) Inclusion Into ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations)
    • ASEAN Cost:
      • 1997: USD GDP of ASEAN fell $     9.8BILLION
      • 1998: USD GDP of ASEAN fell $218.2 BILLION
      • 1997-98: Millions of People fell below poverty line
      • IMF “Rescue Package” Thailand: $17BILLION
      • Most Affected Countries:
        • Indonesia
        • South Korea
        • ThailandASEAN Currency.PNG
    • Political Cost:
      • Lack of confidence in Government
      • President Suharto (Indonesia) & Prime Minister General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh (Thailand): Resignations
      • Rise in “Anti-Western” sentiment

BUT what the sleight of hand move that the $18BILLION donation ALSO achieves, is EACH TAX PAYING CITIZEN of the United States, is ACTUALLY ACTIVE DONORS to his cause as we are currently in a Budget Deficit of $440BILLION for FY 2018.  This means the Expense exceeds Revenues.  When this occurs, the government begins it’s quest for additional Revenue drivers which can be a cost which gets passed on to its US Citizens via additional Taxation.  The decrease in Tax Base due to this $18BILLION donation is effectuated via the tax regime surrounding Tax-Exempt treatment of Charitable Private Foundations in the U.S.

Currently, these IRC 501(c)(3) organizations are Qualified for tax exempt status by the IRS, and thus no tax is paid on the revenue generated or donated to these organizations such as OSI & FTPOS.  Below is validation of status as of 11/10/17 per IRS website.  On the other hand, the donor (more than likely Quantum Funds) to these IRS Qualified charitable organizations are able to enjoy a deduction for donations from their taxable income (IRC § 170(b)(2)).  This is a much simplified explanation and can vary based on type contributor, type of contribution and other variables.  And as noted in NY Times article, although the $18Billion total donation was disclosed on October of 2017, the actual timing of the donation(s) is not expressly communicated and thus does not necessarily indicate the entire amount was donated in 2017.



At 2015, it was estimated that Soros had approximately $7,000,000,000 (BILLION) tax liability owed due to a deferral of fees and a 2009 change which was part of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of October 2008, made in section 457A of the IRS code (see Forbes/WSJ article).  This liability is due by 2017.



Thus, through this $18BILLION Donation, Soros has made a significant tax play without losing control of his Cash.  And passing along via US deficit spending the responsibility of revenue raising associated with this NON-TAXED Income to the US Government.  See below for a high level calculation of how the deduction offsets the deferred tax liability owed:


Side NoteAnd though you may read in the NY Times article, that Soros lived through WWII and Nazi Hungary, it fails to point out the fact that during these times, Soros self-admittingly worked for the benefit of the Nazis.  A much controversial interview with 60 Minutes, has Soros indicating his contributions to the Nazi movement while living in Hungary.  Please take time to view this: 1998: Soros 60 Minutes Interview

  • 4:41 – Clinton / Clinton Foundation / Haiti Ties
  • 6:37 – Admits to “Engaging in Amoral Activities…”
  • 7:14 – Nazi ties: Confiscating Property from Jews
  • 8:00 – Admission to Participation in Nazi persecution of Jews
  • 8:45 – Quote as to Involvement “It created no problem at all”; “If I weren’t there….someone else would take it away anyhow..”; “I had no sense of guilt”
  • 10:05 – Proclaims he is NOT religious NOR does he believe in God (disavowing Jew)

Background Articles (Links):

$18B Donation: NYTimes 10/17/17

2017 OSI Budget

IRS Tax Exempt Verification

2015: Forbes – Soros

2017: WSJ Tax Deadline


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