Monday’s Remember the Rise Event CANCELLED in Tulsa Because Liberal Celebs Didn’t Get National TV Exposure

The organizers of the Remember the Rise event that was scheduled for Monday shocked the Tulsa community by announcing that the rally had been cancelled. The rally was slated to be at OneOK Field in downtown Tulsa, but was abruptly cancelled according to our friends at

The Entertainers and speakers were a group of A Listers for the Democratic Party like John Legend and Georgia Leader Stacey Abrahams. Both of them are prominent members of the Black community.

The Centennial Commission said in a release they are “unable to fulfill the high expectations for the commemoration event and has determined not to move forward with it at this time”.

Multiple sources have indicated to InsideOwasso.Com that contractual details included a requirement from some participating speakers that the event would receive national television coverage, which organizers were unable to secure.

So let’s get this straight, they won’t come to support America or a movement unless they can get national TV exposure? Just like a Democrat, they only care if the cameras are rolling. How sad and pathetic is this?

“We have hopes to reschedule later in this 100th commemorative year. We apologize for the disappointment and any inconvenience caused to ticket holders; if rescheduled ticket holders will be notified first,” the Commission said in a statement.

Several leaders including Tulsa’s Mayor expressed disappointment that the event would not go on as planned.

“I was looking forward to attending the Remember & Rise event, and am saddened to learn of its cancellation,” Mayor G.T. Bynum said in a statement. “But the work to honor our neighbors killed in the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre and to build a better city moving forward is bigger than one event on a single night. More than any disappointment over this cancelation, I feel profound gratitude for all the people working so hard to honor the lives lost and the work to be done.”

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Mark Wilt
Mark Wilt
1 year ago

Simple suggestion: Get peoples’ names right! It’s Stacy ABRAMS, not Stacy Abrahams. Find an editor if need be, but this sort of plebian mistake really does nothing for your credibility.