Mom Wants Childless Millennials Banned from Disney World

A mom is making a lot of news after experiencing some difficulties at Walt Disney World.

Social media users were not having it after a Facebook post surfaced with a woman sharing why she wants “childless millennials” banned from Disney World.

That post about an irate mother’s visit to the happiest place on earth has since gone viral.

In the explicit-filled rant, the mother explained how her 3-year-old son wanted a Mickey pretzel at the park, but the lines were too long so she told him that he could have a pretzel later.

The very anger mother went on to say that this “broke his poor little heart” before targeting a “childless millennial” who was further up in the line and got a pretzel before her son did.

“I WANTED TO TAKE THAT PRETZEL FROM THAT T**** LIKE THANKS B**** YOU MADE MY SON CRY!!!!” the mother wrote, adding that childless millennials should be “banned” from Disney World.

If that wasn’t enough, she said that Disney World-goers without children will “never experience the exhaustion” of chasing a toddler around the park.

She also suggested that mothers with children should be able to skip all the lines, saying millennials have no idea what it is like to stand in a line for three hours with a cranky toddler.

“DW is a FAMILY amusement park!” she wrote. “Yet these IMMATURE millennials THROW AWAY THEIR MONEY ON USELESS CRAP!!!! They have NO idea the JOY and HAPPINESS it is to MOTHERS WHO BUYS THEIR BABIES TREATS AND TOYS!!!!”

In case you forgot what started the rant, it was a pretzel. 

She finished the hateful message with, ” I f*****g hate childless women with a BURNING PASSION!”

Some people on Twitter wanted to know why she brought her 3-year-old son to Disney World while others were appalled by her comments. 

“The irony that this mother doesn’t realize is the amount of entitlement oozing from her that’s often stereotyped to millennials. Of course with a three-year old (joining chorus- why would you bring a three-year old to Disney?), this woman is probably a millennial also,” one person tweeted. 

A second person wrote, “She wants to ban childless visitors AND wants mothers with children to be able to skip line? I don’t think she thought that through.”

A third person said, “Disney is for children, as evidenced by this ‘grown’ child who doesn’t want to share and blames other people for her decisions.”

“Sounds like she’s resentful she’s not having fun because she’s too overwhelmed with toddler needs, and envious of unencumbered women (likely her own age) who are actually having fun. Sounds like she’s the one who needs to grow up and stop blaming others for her own choices,” said a fourth person.

Whether you are a parent, child, adult, teen or pet, Disney World says they want to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all of their guests. 

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