Mitt Romney Could Soon Pay the Price for Voting to Convict Trump

Some of the top Republicans in the government are just as bad as the Democrats which leaves many conservatives with some really tough choices.

On Friday, seven Republican senators exposed themselves as swamp creatures when they sided with the Democrats and voting to convict former President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial.

Among them was Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, and now he could pay a heavy price back home.

“I’ve gotten phone calls and emails, and I’m seeing a lot of chat on Facebook that people want to do a measure of censure against Sen. Romney like we’ve seen against Liz Cheney in Wyoming, and the senator down in Louisiana,“ said Bob McEntee, a member of the Utah Republican Party’s State Central Committee.

Brandon Beckham, a GOP State Central Committee member, said he “absolutely will” vote to censure Romney for this latest action if the party puts the question up to a vote.

“If the Republican Party doesn’t respond here in Utah, then we look weak, we look complicit. We aren’t doing our job,” he said.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, a petition to censure Romney is making the rounds among Utah Republicans. The petition reportedly slams Romney for “embarrassing the state of Utah” and says that he “appears to be an agent for the Establishment Deep State.”

Republican Richard Ott made the case for censure in an Op-Ed for The Tribune.

“Granted, Romney was right in the middle of the Capitol riot. His life was in danger and was protected by a courageous police officer. He has been the subject of many personal Twitter attacks from Trump. It is also a fact that a majority of Utahns are not Trump supporters so, by voting with the Democrats, Romney could reasonably say he was representing his constituents,” Ott wrote. “So why did Sen. Mike Lee not vote with the Democrats as well?”

Ott then said the trial was an unconstitutional political exercise and should have been judged as such.

“Because the whole thing eroded the Constitution. Everything from free speech to due process to impeaching a president who had already been voted out by the voice of the people. It all shredded the Constitution,” he wrote.

“Both senators took an oath to the constitution. One kept his oath. One didn’t,” Ott added.

“Now my question is can we trust the state Republican establishment to protect our constitutional rights? Will our governor and state elected officials stand up to any potential unconstitutional federal overreach? By remaining silent, my feeling is the answer is no,” he wrote.

“It is not about Trump. It is about the Constitution. It is about our rights to be free from tyranny. Romney failed the test and if our state party does not hold him accountable then they are failing the test as well.”

Ott said state Republicans need to show they support the Constitution.

“It is my opinion that the state Republican Party should move to censure Romney and take away all financial support. They should also immediately find a strong constitutional candidate to start a primary campaign to make sure Mitt is relegated to one term. That is all he needs as I think he has accomplished what he set out to do,” he wrote

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1 year ago

Trump lost the election but the American people did not vote him out of office. It was stolen.

Timothy E Maher
Timothy E Maher
1 year ago


1 year ago

Utah gop caved.