Missouri Sheriff Asks for Resignation of St. Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner,

Wes Drury is the Sheriff of Scott County, Missouri and he’s got a message for the corrupt prosecutor in St. Louis that’s violating a couples rights, resign.

“Kim Gardner needs to either step down, or be removed. As Sheriff of Scott County I will uphold your second amendment rights for all law abiding citizens no matter race, color or creed. God Bless Scott County, and God Bless America,” the Sheriff stated.

Drury is running for re-election in November, and wow do we need more like him. When are other Sheriff’s not only in Missouri but around the nation going to make these same statements? When are others in law enforcement going to step up and protect the rights of those they took an oath to protect?

As far as we can see, he’s the only Sheriff in the nation that’s called for her removal, if there’s others we’d love to hear from you. Prove us wrong.

You can watch the Sheriff’s statement below:

We need more Sheriff’s like this, don’t we America!

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