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Missouri Governor Issues MANDATORY ‘Stay at Home’ Orders

Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced a stay at home order for the entire state starting Monday April 6th and will last until April 24th.  He says he loves the state and the people in it.  

The order provides a clear framework for which businesses can remain open.  Governor Parson says his orders goes further than any other order and says local governments can do further restrictions if needed.
Most counties in the state are already under some form of that order already, locally.   Among other guidelines, the Order requires the following:

  • Residents shall avoid leaving their homes or places of residence.
  • All individuals in the state shall avoid social gatherings of more then ten (10) people.
  • All public and charter schools must remain closed for the duration of the Order.
  • Any entity that does not employ individuals to perform essential worker functions, as set forth in guidance provided by the federal government, shall adhere to the limitations on social gatherings and social distancing.
  • Any entity that employs individuals to perform essential worker functions, and that is engaged in retail sales to the public, shall limit the number of individuals in any particular retail location as follows:  

Twenty-five (25) percent or less of the entity’s authorized fire or building code occupancy, as set by local authorities, for a retail location with square footage of less than ten thousand (10,000) square feet.                 

Ten (10) percent or less of the entity’s authorized fire or building code occupancy, as set by local authorities, for a retail location with footage of ten thousand (10,000) square feet or more.

The Order does not prohibit Missourians from accessing essential services, such as grocery stores, gas stations, and banks, or engaging in outdoor recreation provided that necessary precautions are taken and maintained to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, including observing the social gathering distancing requirements set forth in the Order.

The Order shall be observed throughout the state and enforced by all local and state health authorities.  Local public health authorities are directed to carry out and enforce the provisions of the Order by any legal means.
Governor added, “this is about our families, friends, neighbors, and the entire state of Missouri.  For the sake of all Missourians, be smart, be responsible, and stay home, Missourians.

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