Miscreants Rob California Apple Store, Make Off With $20,000 Worth of Products in Latest ‘Risky’ Daytime Heist as State Under Siege With Thieves

Four thieves ran into an Apple store in broad daylight and stole $20,000 worth of merchandise in another smash and grab attack in liberal California.

This incident took place at the Santa Rosa Plaza, about 50 miles from San Francisco on Wednesday morning authorities told us.

“Four young men, believed by police to be between the ages of 14 and 18, entered and grabbed the merch before fleeing in what authorities called a ‘brazen daytime burglary’ in broad daylight,” the Daily Mail reported.

“In a brazen daytime burglary in front of customers and staff, the suspects grabbed over $20,000 worth of merchandise from the store and fled the area in an unknown vehicle,” Santa Rosa police said in a statement, according to The Hill.

The group of thieves also hit a Nordstrom store in the Los Angeles area on Wednesday evening, stealing at least seven luxury handbags and assailing a guard before making a clean getaway in Joe Biden’s America.

Five people, one wearing an orange wig, entered a store in Canoga Park just before 7 p.m. and sprayed a security guard with “some kind of chemical” as terrified shoppers fled, according to the Mail.

“The thieves sped off and managed to escape with thousands of dollars worth of handbags despite multiple police cruisers, as well as fire trucks and ambulances, responding to the raid,” said the Mail.

A plethora of thefts have happened throughout California in San Jose, Santana Row, Hayward, and Walnut Creek. One instance, a mob of 80 stormed into stores and stole as much as they could carry. Thieves have stolen tens of thousands of dollars worth of luxury goods, but often face little repercussions or consequences because of soft misdemeanor theft laws in the Democrat ran hell hole.

But the robbers aren’t acting alone. “Law enforcement say that mercenary thieves are being recruited for up to $1,000 to steal the expensive goods which are then shipped across state lines and sold on the internet. The sophisticated method makes it harder for cops to track the criminals,” the Mail reported.

Thanks to our friends at The Daily Wire for contributing to this article.

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